A 27-year-old was shot dead by Irish Police in west Dublin at 12.35pm on Wednesday the 30th of December 2020. George Nkencho had allegedly been party to a number of incidents in the lead up to his shooting at the hands of Irish police.

Generally, if you attack the police with a knife you’re going to get shot. Attack police and members of the public with massive knife; fail to surrender knife; attack police with clear intent to kill – get shot. It is of course sad that anyone gets shot but this is the real world…or at least it used to be.

With plenty of video evidence available to local communities that really should be the end of the story, but as is fitting for the year in which the Irish media drove people mad the story was only getting started.

This bystander video of the shooting has been widely shared on social media – we wouldn’t share it otherwise.

The man had already been pepper sprayed and tasered, had violently assaulted a shop manager and elderly disabled person in a wheelchair. In the video we can see him lunge again for police after the first shot.

Having viewed the video, it is clear that after being shot once, Mr Nkencho continued to attempt to attack police with the ‘mostly peaceful’ blade he happened to be carrying. He therefore needed a few more rounds to put him down and to stop the attack.

Unsurprisingly for 2020’s clown-world, local migrant communities went on a rampage after the killing despite being fully aware of the man’s criminal rap sheet and seeing the video. We go into the reasons for their self-destructive madness below. First, here’s a small taste of the massive carnage (unreported by the mainstream media who in many ways caused this) that has occurred in the local area in the past two days.

Widespread Racially Motivated Attacks Immediately Followed In Dublin

This First Video Shows The Man Returning From Assaulting Shop Staff And Members Of The Public & Being Trailed By Irish Police. Mr Nkencho is on his way back home after perpetrating the extremely violent maiming of a Eurospar convenience store manager.

He also allegedly punched an elderly disabled person in a wheelchair who challenged his actions. It was this event that led to the police being called initially, and ultimately to his shooting.

As you can see, Mr Nkencho has several police cars trailing him. Nkencho is also alleged to have beaten his partner with a hammer in recent weeks, and violently assaulted and terrorised several other women in this local park

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