The Polish government is introducing an academic freedom passage that guarantees the right for students and faculties to self-expression, including in regard to religion and philosophy


Gender theory’s ideological supporters are aware that they have no chances in argument-based discussion, which is why they oppose academic freedom, says Polish Minister of Education Przemysław Czarnek.

Czarnek made his remarks about gender studies and science as academics and influential figures are increasingly facing censorship both in academic settings and on social media regarding topics related to gender. 

“Issues around cis, not-cis, cis women, etc. – these have nothing to do with science. This is pure stupidity, and giving credence to stupidity has nothing to do with science. Science is the pursuit of truth, and truth is goodness,” he said.

The minister emphasized that there were no two realities but only one. On one side there was “truth and goodness, while on the other was falsehood and stupidity”.

“In a discussion based on arguments they have no chances. Their rhetoric does not stand the test for even five minutes, which is why they are opponents of academic freedom,” Czarnek said.

He explained that if someone makes the extreme claim that more children are born in homosexual relationships that in heterosexual ones, then that person’s claims will not survive any reasoned argument to the contrary, according to TVP Info

“This is why conservative or Christian topics are being excluded from the academic debate, why persons who proclaim conservative judgments are being called to disciplinary account. This is done to intimidate the rest,” the minister said.

Czarnek stressed that the supporters of gender ideology are well aware that supporting stupidity does not stand the test of rational arguments.

“Gender theory is Marxism, and class struggle has been replaced by gender struggle,” he said.

The academic freedom package

The minister of education explained that he wants to introduce a new academic freedom package to facilitate argument-based discussion.

The package introduces legal changes which are meant to guarantee freedom of teaching, speech and research. This is part of the project for amending the bill on higher education and academia. The package is meant to realize the constitutional right to allow students and faculty to express their worldview, religious and philosophical beliefs in an academic setting.

The package also would require school authorities to inform a teacher or professor when investigation procedures are initiated against their person. In response, teachers are to receive the possibility to file a complaint to the disciplinary commission alongside the minister if the investigation concerns the expression of a religious, worldview or philosophical beliefs.

Poland has recently taken a stronger stance to ensure freedom of speech and expression are respected. Currently, the Polish Ministry of Justice is working on a law that would see social media companies fined up to €2.2 million for removing or censoring speech on social media platforms that does violate Polish law. In other words, removing political speech could prompt substantial fines.