Ireland has been plunged yet again into draconian lockdowns this Christmas by the Irish Government, based on fraudulent case numbers from PCR tests that have a 7% reliability rating.

The latest made up threat is a ‘mutation’ of Covid-19 that the British Government is currently using to gaslight their own people in London. Tens of thousands of people scrambled to exit London late last night, and escape the megalomania of the Occultist Boris Johnson and the destroyer Sadiq Khan. The second wave mutation story is of course a complete fabrication. This is all scripted – across Europe everything has been scripted since January.

The Irish Government is now waging high intensity kinetic warfare on Ireland’s middle and lower classes, because of the fabricated viral threat being used globally to destroy western civilisation.

The Irish Government know with 100% certainty that there is NO VIRAL THREAT. Yet they lie to us daily telling us otherwise. Politicians of every party in Ireland are PURE evil. They have all gone along with this hoax – picking up their pay cheque’s and planning on profiting from it politically in the devastating aftermath to come.

The Irish Government’s goal is to destroy small businesses and increase vaccine uptake. They are owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Our politicians like Micheal Martin and Stephen Donnelly are being bribed and or blackmailed with compromising pictures to wage psychological war on their own people.

Ireland’s disgusting pig Prime minster says “there is light at the end of the tunnel” in the form of vaccines on the way. 

We all know that we don’t fucking need risky untested vaccines for their made up China-virus threat. This scumbag Martin is selling out Irish children’s futures to keep the pharmaceutical industry in business. He sacrificed one of his own in the past, around the time he sold his soul to the devil.

No one wants your drugs Martin, you evil bastard. It’s time to call a spade a spade. You’re a creep who no one respects, an utter snake of a man who will do anything for power. You’re the scum of the earth. You’re lying about the viral threat, and we all know it. No one is in the hospitals. No one HAS been in the hospitals while our nurse and doctor clowns were dancing away all year. No one has been dying of Covid compared to all other causes of mortality all year. Far more are dying of suicide you piece of human filth, as is your intention. More sacrifices to the Gods of your fetid underworld.

Hotels and bars who have been holding on for dear life through the unscientific lockdowns, are now being forced to close. 150,000 people will lose their jobs on Christmas Eve, when the closures are scheduled. Seemingly the virus gets really angry right around the time Santa takes off. Just as it only effects people standing up in a restaurant, leaving those sitting down to enjoy their meal. This is the nonsense that the SCUM in the Irish Government have told us all year. This is the nonsense that the SCUM of the opposition political parties have advocated. Small & medium businesses are the lifeblood of our Republic and the bedrock of our economy. They are destroying these DELIBERATELY at the behest of their communo-fascist-occultist handlers. Their Christmas attack is symbolic for it’s impact on Ireland’s Christian civilisation.

This is the coming neo-feudalism writ large across Romantic Ireland, and soon it will surely be dead and gone.

And still the Irish middle classes don’t get it. Stupid virtue-signalling clowns like Irish pub-group CEO Donal O’Keefe mince words and say things like:

“They need to take into account the ongoing uncertainty this is causing, the enormous stress this is putting people working in the industry under and the damage these repeated closures is doing to these businesses”…

Similar statements have been made by various representative bodies in Ireland, trying to be nice and playing it softly softly. These cucked fucking clowns still don’t get it. THEIR GOAL IS TO DESTROY YOUR BUSINESSES DONAL, WAKE THE FUCK UP. Put your big boy pants on – the nonsense is deliberate, they never intend on letting us out of this mind fuck of a merry go round. They will never stop the madness. And they are indoctrinating your kids into accepting total control with pyschologically destructive facemasks that will make them life-long addicts to the pharmaceutical drug dealers that own our politicians.

“They need to take into account the ongoing uncertainty this is causing, the enormous stress this is putting people working in the industry under and the damage these repeated closures is doing to these businesses.”…Sweet Jesus, will you snap out of it man!

‘Repubic’ comes from the latin ‘Respublica’, or ‘the people’s thing’. This Government has murdered its own citizens in nursing homes by deliberately depriving them of care, has destroyed our wealth and quality of life, has stolen our health service, and has now indebted the nation for a century thanks to cataclysmic and unjustified economic lockdowns. This is no longer a Republic. It’s a communist fucking sewer.

The Irish politicians perpetrating this crime against Irish humanity are corrupt. Too many middle class business leaders are still living in the paradigm that somehow Irish politicians are telling the truth. Still clinging to the notion that this isn’t all some massive power grab. Still ignoring the fact that the Irish Government is CLEARLY trying to destroy the economy and jobs and the middle class in Ireland. Just as Stalin did.

Stalin wiped out the middle classes. Now look around you – freedom of movement is curtailed, freedom of speech is curtailed, visiting familily is being curtailed, and middle class small and medium businesses along with working class jobs are being deliberately wiped out for a virus that their own fucking statistics show is zero threat to public health. What more will it take for Irish polite society to wake the bloody hell up?

We must judge people by their behaviour. The facts are stark- a soft coup has taken place in Ireland, and our Republic has been taken from us. It had been driven by communist Chinese paymasters and funds have been administered by a Freemasonic network throughout the upper echelons of our banana republic.

Michael Martin, Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly, NPHET, and the cabal that surrounds them are traitors. Our military are all that stands in the the way of these corrupt monsters. Our police force has been taken over in the soft coup by a masonic crown operative in Drew Harris. A mini-coup needs to happen in Garda HQ to lock him up, and the military need to take the boy-lover out of the Aras and lock him up too.

The time has come for Irish men & women to stand up for what is right. Enough is enough. Stop being divided by the media working on your ingrained prejudices. Working class, middle class, it doesn’t matter. They intend on destroying our economy, paying us a universal basic income, taking our freedoms and having total control.

These compromised demons don’t care about our health. You know this! Look at the elderly on hospital trolleys for decades every winter, rotting because they wouldn’t provide enough beds for them.

The scum in power in Ireland have crossed the Rubicon – their intentions to destroy this Republic are clear and out of the shadows.

Our last lines of defence must act before our sovereign freedoms are taken forever.