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In a powerful homily this past weekend, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke used the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to discuss the year of great confusion that has been 2020.

In the homily, he discussed how ‘Marxist Materialism’ was now on the cusp of being the dominant ideology in the United States, as a result of their decades of dependency on cheap goods and materials from China. The Cardinal then points out that other nations are on the cusp of similar slides into materialism.

Cardinal Burke’s speech then pointed out that the ‘Wuhan Virus’ had caused much confusion and contradiction. Most worryingly, those who are ‘hostile to families’ and to the ‘freedom of nations’ are using this to advance their evil agenda to bring about a ‘new normal’ and a ‘great reset’ which manipulates people through ‘fear’.

Now, instead of Christ, a disease dictates our life, we are told. This extends to bishops and priests, who ‘seem to have no understanding about how Christ continues his saving work in time of plague and other disasters’.

The sermon, which then moves into Spanish, is a powerful one. It finished with asking us to consider the example set by Our Lady of Guadalupe in glorifying the Lord in everything that we do.

The video the homily is attached below.

Catholic Arena