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In a completely bizarre and unnecessary turn of events, Irish Catholic Bishops have strangely decided to endorse vaccines that use the cells of babies murdered for the pharmaceutical harvesting of their cells for vaccine production.

Two things are worth putting into context here.

1) The nature of fetal cell line use in vaccinations.

2) The reality of the Covid situation.

Firstly, fetal cell line vaccinations are not merely derived from one of the many millions of aborted babies each year in any generic sense, they have been obtained from babies intentionally murdered to provide those samples. For example, Johnson and Johnson have been using the cells in their Covid vaccine from a boy who was delivered at 18 weeks of pregnancy before being delivered and brutally left to die. They then harvested the boy’s cells, this is known as a ‘viral vector vaccine’. This can lead to complications in those who receive the vaccinations, though we will leave that to more experienced people to explain. What we will state, is that using the cells of children intentionally murdered when adult stem cells are available is always the wrong choice.

Secondly, with regards to Covid, this is what the website for the Catholic Bishops Conference states:

‘If a more ethically acceptable alternative is not readily available to them, it is morally permissible for Catholics to accept a vaccine which involves the use of fetal cell-lines, especially if the potential risk to life or health is significant, as in the case of a pandemic.[1]  Refusal to accept a vaccine could contribute to significant loss of life in the community and especially among those who are most vulnerable.  This reality must inform any judgement of conscience.

We reaffirm the consistent teaching of the Church that abortion is always gravely immoral.  The Church has always made a distinction, however, between formal (deliberate) involvement in an immoral act and material involvement, which may be incidental and remote.  The decision of those who decide to accept vaccines which have had some link with fetal cell-lines in the past does not imply any consent on their part to abortion.

We note that many of the vaccines currently being developed do not depend for their design or production on fetal cell lines.[2]  Catholics should continue to advocate for the availability of ethically-developed vaccines.  In that way they bear witness that biomedical research should always be conducted in a manner which is consistent with respect for life and for human dignity’.

We draw attention to one particular line here.

Refusal to accept a vaccine could contribute to significant loss of life in the community and especially among those who are most vulnerable.  This reality must inform any judgement of conscience. analysis has indicated that death rates are actually DOWN compared to last year and much evidence points to the harmfulness of lockdown.

Likewise, the extreme nature of this pronouncement is remarkable considering that during the height of the pandemic, a maskless Archbishop Diarmuid Martin joined with hundreds of Muslims at Croke Park for the Festival of Sacrifice. To go from that extreme to months later calling for this one is quite remarkable.

There is NEVER any reason to use aborted cells in modern vaccines. There is an abundance of adult cells or, if fetal cells are somehow required, those from umbilical cords. Whoever is advising the bishops here is wrong. It has caused upset amongst many Catholics, especially after Ireland’s notorious national broadcaster (one of the least trusted in the world) excitedly exclaimed that it was okay to use vaccines made with the cells of aborted babies.

This has been an incredible insult and a show of complete incompetence by our bishops. It should be rectified and clarified immediately.

The most bizarre part? The most popular vaccine, developed by Pfizer, does not even use aborted cells. This statement was an unnecessary faux pas.

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