Catholic Arena

In 2018, the entire world was shocked by images of Irish politicians laughing, singing and dancing about abortion at Dublin Castle. Many expressed sheer ecstasy at the potential of babies being bludgeoned to death on Irish soil. The world further recoiled when those same Irish politicians voted later on that year to make sure that babies born alive during abortions would not be kept alive, that doctors would have to make sure that those babies did not receive pain relief and that disability was grounds for putting down an unborn child.

Having finished the minor exorcism on that side of the building, the Rosary procession then made its way around to the other side of the building to do the same.

The group then processed towards the Office of the Taoiseach, Micheal Martin. Martin happily sold out his party’s prolife principles and its future by supporting abortion in a shock move in 2018. Carried aloft during all of this was Our Lady of Fatima.

Finally, the group made its way to Herbert Park for a Traditional Latin Mass in the open during a cold December night, their prayers and candles emitting a peaceful air in what has been a remarkably dark year for Ireland and for the world.

We hope that these prayers are answered affirmatively, keep praying and keep offering on behalf of our broken country.

Catholic Arena