by Steve Watson – Humans are Free

Yet another airline has announced that it sees so called ‘COVID passports’, proof that travellers have been vaccinated and/or tested negative for coronavirus, as “essential” for them to be able to travel.

Lance Gokongwei, President and CEO of Cebu Pacific, the largest budget airline in the Philippines, made the comments to reporters Monday.

“We do think that’s essential, especially as we open up international travel,” Gokongwei said, adding that there are “different vaccines and I think we have to work on a single, global COVID passport so that each country respects the passport.”

Gokongwei also stated that without fears of the virus spreading being allayed by vaccination and herd immunity, “there’s nothing to be spoken about.”

“That has to be the number one priority: to get vaccines in the hands in as much of the global population as possible, and then connecting this to a COVID passport,” he urged.


Alex Jones: “The globalists are getting a bioweapon ready to lockdown the internet, and bring in world government – not now but very soon…” – June 2018

Several other airlines have indicated that proof of vaccination, through ‘COVID passports’, will become mandatory in order to fly.

Testing of the passports has already begun in some airports with specific airlines.

In addition, the world’s largest air transport lobby group is developing a global ‘COVID travel pass’ app designed to link vaccination status and coronavirus test results to a person’s travel documents.

Another ‘COVID passport’ type system known as the CommonPass, sponsored by the World Economic Forum, is under development.

A further ‘COVID passport’ app called the AOKpass from travel security firm International SOS is currently undergoing trials between Abu Dhabi and Pakistan.

Hundreds of Tech companies are scrambling over themselves to develop these COVID passport systems.

Anyone still labelling this a ‘conspiracy theory’ is either wilfully ignorant or just plain uninformed.

Humans are Free