By Helena Handbasket – December 6th 2020

When it comes to the global, so-called ‘elites’ (in reality the psychopathic scum of the Earth) nothing gets their juices flowing so much as the idea of culling the human herd; their terminology, not mine.

It should come as no surprise then when the likes of Bill Gates is pushed into the limelight as some kind of medical genius and who openly tells us that he with his big pharma vaccine ghouls can thin the herd out by 10-15% using his ‘vaccines’ and abortion services; yes, he funds both. When he now comes out to tell us that at least 700,000 will suffer serious side effects, including death, with his new genetically modified ‘vaccine’ (conveniently approximately 10% of the human population) perhaps he actually intends carrying his evil plot, along with others in his cabal, to its ultimate conclusion; that being a wider cull of the human herd.

Now, it would be a little too obvious if suddenly millions of people started dropping dead in the streets all over the world at the same time when his toxic potions are rolled out across the planet with the intention of ‘vaccinating’ every human being.

If nothing else about this evil cabal can be said, it is that they are very patient, although this time around they may have overplayed their hand to the extent that it’s becoming more obvious that something other than Covid-19 is afoot when so many other aspects of a wider plan are all coming to fruition at the same time in the form of widespread implementation of Agenda 21/30 Sustainable Development Goals as set out by that hub of conspiracy, and puppet organization of the global ‘elites’, the United Nations. This is no accident and no conspiracy. It is hard fact.

The current narrative around Covid-19 is that there will be no return, ever, to any form of what used to be known as normal life. Nothing will ever be the same again.

We are being told that the ‘vaccine’ will not protect us from further contact with this elusive virus which even the CDC cannot find, and that social distancing and mask wearing are our new normal according to the likes of Gates, who nobody has yet seen wearing a mask himself.

So, if the whole point of ‘vaccines’, as we have been brainwashed for decades to believe, is to protect us from infection from deadly diseases and create lifelong immunity from such diseases in our environment, and yet we’re now told that the warp speed Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ will not accomplish this at all and is not intended to, then the obvious conclusion has to be that it has some other purpose.

There is talk that nano-particles within these potions will be used to track every fool willing to roll up their sleeves to take it. That may well be the case, but it doesn’t really achieve what Gates and his gang want to achieve; their stated goal of reducing the world’s population.

As mentioned above, this would be highly suspicious at the very least if soon after being injected/infected with an experimental potion millions of people suddenly start dropping dead. But I suspect they’ve this potion for some time, well before the current Covid-19 scamdemic, and that it is anything but experimental. I’m sure they know exactly what it’ll do.

Gates and the evil cabal running the world and humanity to suit themselves fully understand that they can’t just go ahead and wipe out millions of people overnight. As mentioned above, they are patient and intergenerational in their plans. They are extremely patient, although I sense a degree of urgency and the need for expediency to achieve their goals at this time. Perhaps they feel they are behind their pre-planned schedule or hubris and arrogance have come to the fore for many who want to see their plans come to fruition in their lifetimes.

The obvious method for ‘culling the herd’, apart from a mass slaughter, is to stop human reproduction to begin with. This negates the risk of the public finally waking up to the fact that they are under attack.

Enter Gates with his eugenics background and his stated goal mentioned above of reducing the human population by 10-15% using vaccines and reproductive health. (Abortion)

Of course, these figures may just be ballpark and preliminary. Perhaps he means 10% as a rolling figure year on year or every 5 years for example. This would achieve their goal without raising too many alarm bells amongst the public who will be lied to as to the cause of such a dramatic fall in human reproduction.

Enter stage left, Covid-19. This highly intelligent and very selective scapegoat virus is blamed for everything. I suspect it’ll also be blamed for infertility, particularly in women.

Recent studies and statements would appear to bear this out. (A slip of the tongue or an admission?)

This is what I suspect the vaccine is designed to do; not a mass cull, but a slow burn depopulation strategy which the public will never figure out. They will simply accept the lies from mainstream media that Covid-19 is to blame as they continue to poison and sterilize people with a useless and unnecessary ‘vaccine’.

The smokescreen has been formed and the public have been blinded by it to the extent that they will believe any nonsense served up to them by their ‘representatives’ and media ‘stars’. Humanity is indeed at a tipping point for its very survival.