Submitted by Catholic Arena

When reflecting on the horrors that befell the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated that its cause was that ‘Men had forgotten God’. In the Twenty First Century, that could be adjusted to ‘Men have forgotten death’. Whereas Medieval Monks once perched a skull on their tableside to remind them of their inevitable death and some monks even today dig a part of their own grave each day, modern secular man will do anything to avoid admitting his mortality.

Memento Mori was the phrase that encapsulated the closeness of death to the Medieval mind, ‘Remember Death’. This attitude can be observed in the many trivial things that fill the minds of modern man, the evilness which now consumes many people daily and the desperate attempts to manipulate science so as to prolong their lives. This neuroticism is the cause of much of the hysteria concerning Coronavirus.

The hyper anxiety stems from the existence that continuously denies the inevitability of death. The inconsistency of mask impositions, the mandatory vaccination threats, the scattered and unquestionable authority of arbitrary lockdown restrictions. This vain effort to maintain hope for immortality has been prominent for some years, for those observant enough to look. In 2018, for example, scientists froze a pig’s brain in a process called aldehyde-stabilised cryopreservation (ASC), in an effort to discover how to preserve an individual’s memories with the aid of 3D electron microscopes. In a more ludicrous scenario, a different company named Timeship has purchased an 800 acre yard in Comfort, Texas to cryogenically preserve wealthy people so that they can be transported in a sense into the future.

They have already practised this with freezing pig brains and rabbit brains without causing much damage and this has convinced them that this preservation is possible. Though it is hard to understand in what sense it could be considered desirable. Meanwhile, scientists in both China and the United States have developed synergistic cellular pathways in worms, extending their lives by the equivalent of 400 to 500 years in a human lifetime.

These experiments have focused on manipulating mitochondria as a means of preserving life for as extensive a period as possible. For what purpose do these people want to perpetually prolong their lives? Not for good. For pure egoism. For self absorption and for no other reason. You will die. Make the most of the life you have. Don’t let any lockdown stop you and don’t let any authority convince you that death will not come for them too. The inevitability of death is the truth, the truth shall set you free.