Brussels and Soros want to force Poland and Hungary to their knees


As in so many other times during their history, Hungary and Poland now are again in a position where they must join forces to defend their freedom, Magyar Nemzet columnist László Néző writes:

There are hardly two other peoples in Europe who have been similarly tried in history in recent centuries. Poland and Hungary saw their wars for independence crushed and strangled, lost parts of their countries, suffered a mutilated and divided homeland, lost many, many thousands of seemingly futile victims, and that was all before the 20th century even began.

At the end of the 19th century, both nations coveted freedom and independence, and this remains the common fate of the Hungarian and Polish people. Perhaps this is where the mutual love and respect between the two nations arises from.

Thirty years ago, when we finally got rid of the oppressive clutches of communism, neither Poles nor Hungarians thought that such terrible times could come again when we had to stand together for our freedom. Sixteen years ago, when both countries joined the European Union, neither of us thought that this alliance would one day turn in such a direction where it increasingly resembles that which we thought we had escaped. Now, the European Union is becoming more and more similar to the Soviet Union.

Of course, the gentlemen in Brussels are “fine cultured gents”, and there is no need for an army or for tanks to force their will on a country.

“In a constitutional state, money is a weapon,” and the rule of law itself has become a weapon today. The struggle of Warsaw and Budapest with Brussels is not or not just about money, but it certainly does not hurt the “frugal” states, who, by the way, never wanted to support EU countries in difficulty with a joint loan. There is little doubt they are happy they can point the finger and Poland and Hungary’s veto for postponing the rescue package while hiding behind the rule-of-law mechanism.

However, the bureaucrats in Brussels and the George Soros faction in the European Parliament are not interested in money. They want to bring Hungary and Poland to their knees because these two peoples can set a dangerous precedent in the union, which have demonstrated it is possible to build a European country while retaining the benefits of our sovereignty, our national self-determination, our traditions, and our Christian culture. This is intolerable for Brussels and the Western states that are now completely under the thumb of everything that stands opposed to those values.

The Polish and Hungarian vetoes are also a kind of war of independence, because we do not want a European United States, we do not want an immigrant country, and we do not want to be completely immersed in the jaded, globalist swamp. Because we men want to stay men, and, quoting the famous poem by Hungarian poet Attila József:

“And women are women
free, kind
And they’re all human because it becomes less and less.”

Whatever the end of this struggle (we will certainly win!), the fact that the Polish and Hungarian prime ministers jointly announced yesterday that neither will leave the other country alone is a fantastic moment in the history of the two peoples. It is a long-lasting flash of common destiny that can give courage to other peoples and governments as well. It shows that neither Brussels nor Soros are omnipotent, and just as Poles and Hungarians survived the Russian, Prussian and other occupations, Brussels will not last forever either. As Mateusz Morawiecki noted, the EU is on the best path to falling apart, like another union decades ago.

We Hungarians and Poles have no other way today than to stand up for ourselves. Not to the detriment of the European Union or other member states, but for our own countries. As Viktor Orbán said: “This is our patriotic duty. Go Poland, Go Hungarians!”