Jean Murray

I realise that you have been hugely and wrongly influenced by our Government and Mainstream Media. You are the twenty five to thirty nine year olds who were educated in a system that had begun to shape your minds in the lies that the Governments wanted you to believe. It is you who believe the Virus Conspiracy is real, because you were also taught fear in our schools. It’s understandable that you are afraid of anything happening to your children and you want to keep them safe, but this time, you have got to trust your parents, or wise friends who are trying to help you see the truth. This COVID is a guise to get rid of our Catholic or Christian faith and every way that we lived before, especially our freedom. The virus is no more deadly than the average flu. Delores Cahil has joined together in a World Health Alliance, with hundreds of doctors trying to get on mainstream media to tell this truth. The Christian faith is the center of the family. This new system wants young parents like you to ignore the family and God and believe the governments. They are going to rule what your kids will be educated in school. That is why, parents are not allowed to enter school premises now, and they never will. These new vaccinations have RNA , genetic changing codes in them, with 14 week old male aborted babies in there. This will change children’s female or male origin. There will be more children thinking they are in the wrong sex. There will be more boys getting their genitals chopped off in confusion. This is part of depopulating the planet. Trust me Young parents. I would gladly sacrifice seeing my Grandchildren again if I thought you were on the right track of protecting them, but the only way of protecting them from this massive corruption is to start reading things yourselves about what’s going on. The truth will not come from our Governments, Or our Media because they are all bought by criminals. Research the World Economic Forum and the leader of that is Klaus Schwab. He talks about taking the opportunity of this virus to now live a Green lifestyle. Our planet is not in trouble. Climate Change is driven by the Sun and not CO2 emissions. Our plants and trees need CO2 to survive. This is a plan for wealthy elite who want to see their robots in use before they die. They have billions invested in a green planet. But that means, that we will not be able to fly as they ban air travel. We will not be able to travel out side our county. We will not be allowed to individually own a car by the time your toddlers grow up and want to drive. While the wealthy elite will still have private airplanes, hotels and luxury islands to visit. Your children are just part of the useless eaters that they think we are. We have no value in this New World and they want to control us in our places. This is very serious and you parents now need to challenge this Virus narrative. Remember God and say your Hail Mary and Our Father every day. God will not lead you astray. Neither would your parents. A Mother’s love lasts a lifetime and beyond. You are our babies and we’re fighting for you! This is not about personalities. It’s ok to dislike your parents personality. We are all different and some of us are a bit pushy. Likewise, us parents might not like our children’s personalities at times. But we will always love you. And we would never lie to you. So please, in this instance, your parents are trying to help prevent you from taking a very dangerous path.

Jean Murray ???