On Wednesday, the European Parliament will hold a debate concerning abortion law in Poland in response to the Polish Constitutional Court decreeing that eugenic abortion is incompatible with the Polish constitution. MEPs are also to pass a resolution about Poland’s abortion laws during the deliberations.

Polish Law and Justice party (PiS) MEP Patryk Jaki points out that the debate and resolution coincides with the discussions surrounding the EU budget and the rule of law mechanism. He believes that, in the future, accusations from the EU concerning breaking rule of law in terms of reproduction rights will be launched against Poland, putting the country’s conservative position on the issue at threat.

Jaki explained that there is a worry that such an approach from the European Parliament may carry over to stripping Poland of EU funds.

“If Poles are to be punished for how they think, what program they choose, what values they believe in, then this is absolutely against what is written in the treaties. The treaties state clearly that these are all the competencies of a member state and the European Union has nothing to do with that,” he declared.

Patryk Jaki, PiS MEP:

Each day there is some new, deceitful in our eyes, strike against Poland.

The MEP stated that pressure against Poland in the European Parliament has been rising after Poland had opposed the budget agreement due to the rule of law mechanism.

“Each day there is some new — deceitful in our eyes — strike against Poland,” he underlined. In addition to the debate concerning abortion, he also listed Tuesday’s debate concerning a report on basic rights in the EU.

The document on basic rights concerned the so-called “LGBT-free zones” that the Polish government has indicated do not exist and are based on false reporting. Jaki also emphasized that the zones are not real as those laws concerned affirming the traditional family model which was written into the constitution and was underlined by the EU’s founders.

PiS MEP Ryszard Czarnecki criticized the European Parliament’s attempts to pass the rule of law mechanism with an ordinary majority instead of a unanimous agreement.

“Now, when a temporary majority is out-voting a temporary minority and this is happening under the dictate of the German-French tandem — this is absolutely opposed to all the fundamentals principles in the founding of the European community,” he said.

Czarnecki warned that the EU is becoming less of a community and is at a turning point that is beginning to spiral downwards.

He added that opposition forces are arising in the EU because many countries will not accept Berlin and Paris’s dictate, which plays directly into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desired strategy.