Demonic Tyranny Upon the People…

Since March 2020 we have shown how eugenicist billionaire, Bill Gates, is using junk science and a corrupt establishment to advance the agenda for mass de-population in the guise of a vaccination plan to beat COVID19.

Key to the success is ensuring prominent institutions are fully onboard with the narrative that the SARS-CoV-2 virus – which is alleged to cause the ‘deadly’ pandemic – has been isolated and verified to the level of a ‘gold standard’ to enable a safe and effective vaccine roll out. (no such ‘gold standard’ exists).

With no such gold standard to validate the existence of this ‘deadly’ virus then there cannot be any vaccine prepared to defeat it. In fact, Principia Scientific’s own expert, Dr Saeed Qureshi, has shown to what extent the COVID19 virus is a hoax.

Despite all the smoke and mirrors hiding the fraud technocrat, Bill Gates – who made billions at Microsoft despite failing to defeat electronic viruses – is determined to win his phony, unholy medical war at the cost of all our civil liberties and well being.

With ‘Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19?’ tells us:

“There is now serious doubt over the correlation between lockdown and saving lives. Reality is creeping into the Covid–19 dialogue. It is becoming apparent that people are getting sick because they are being isolated and effectively living under house arrest, condemned as “murderers” if they so much as think about breaking curfew, being snitched on by neighbours for “gathering” more than two people together in their back gardens.”

The following graph was produced by UK Column and demonstrates the lack of correlation between lockdown and “saving lives”:

It is now accepted that there is a high mortality rate among the elderly in care homes in the UK and globally — among the same elderly civilians who are being “asked” to sign DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate) forms. This amounts to signing their own death warrant, should they present any of the Covid–19 symptoms.

This Autumn, both the UK and US decided to merge the figures published for influenza and COVID19. As such, no one seems to die from the flu any more. It’s all “covid, covid, covid!”

Principia Scientific’s own expert, Dr Darko Butina showed that in reality no one died from COVID19 after May 2020.

What careful analysis of the numbers in both countries are proving is that overall excess mortality rates – when compared year on year – reveals nothing exceptional about 2019/20. Clearly, something is amiss with the claims being thrown about.

UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has been repeatedly shown to have played fast and loose with the facts. Hancock’s criminal malfeasance of public office has resulted in unjustified maximum public fear and now he and his co-conspirators have a picture painted of a ‘second wave’ surge even more lethal this winter.

But speak to anyone in the know about virology and they can tell you second waves of any pathogen are a shadow of their first iteration. Those of us who scorn the mask refer to it as ‘herd immunity.’

Below, Hancock and Gates in Hearty Mood as Their Plandemic Unfolds:

But crooks like Hancock always play on the scientific ignorance of the general public and, in turn, are aided and abetted in such exploits with the complicity of the mainstream media to effectively exclude independent scientists having any kind of meaningful platform to be able to call out such nonsense.

In frustration at the one-sided march of the bureaucratic lemmings off the cliff the people are finally taking to the streets with direct action.

What the British public are beginning to understand is that the BBC and other once venerated public bodies have sold them out. This happened because Bill Gates and other global elitists have for decades been buying their way into acquiring a tight grip on the British establishment.

We can safely say that the institutions we are supposed to trust, such as  SAGE (the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) are prioritizing self-serving political goals over and above the best interests of the general population.

Beyond Britain’s shores the rest of the world has similarly been duped by the bankers and World Health Organisation (WHO).  We reported on how pandemic analyst, Silviu Costinescu, provided detailed documentary and video evidence to substantiate the claim that the pandemic is a ‘SIMEX’ – Planned Simulation Exercise.

Back in England, just peruse the SAGE website and see if you can glean the propaganda being spewed here. This corporate capitalist Dirty Dozen are out to fool you into believing they really are:

“a group of scientists who are working together to provide independent scientific advice to the UK government and public on how to minimise deaths and support Britain’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.”

Doesn’t that make you feel fluffy and warm inside?

However, this 12-strong bunch of misfits was set up by former government chief scientist, Sir David King, when the pandemic struck to offer ‘independent’ advice to government. So, what passes as independent’ is nothing short of an ex government insider running a bunch of pre-selected, government-approved non-government ‘experts’!

This sham is the same old modus operandi; a redux of how the ‘experts’ on man-made global warming were cherry picked yes men and women from the pool of third rate academics and professionals groomed for top jobs and always in lockstep with The Plan – they call it the Great Reset.

In his article last April Rob Slane foresaw the writing on the wall when he had the misfortune to watch one of Dominic Raab’s regular evening stand-ups. Slane lamented:

“He used the phrase — “We’re being led by the science. Led by the science” — so many times that I began to wonder whether the point was to lull us all into a trance.”

But it isn’t Dominic Raab or Matt Hancock where most culpability resides. That dubious honor falls to Christopher John MacRae Whitty. As Chief Medical Officer he is the media’s ‘science’ front man; an avuncular and trustworthy English physician and epidemiologist.

Not for a moment would HM Government want you to suspect this character (photo, below) is just another junk science shill operating for the globalist cabal.

But when we look a little closer at Whitty’s past we see that the Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government has a strong whiff of being the paid off shill going back to research he performed for Bill Gates in Africa in 2008.

Back then Whitty was Professor of Public and International Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He was destined for great things once Bill Gates brought him under his wing.

In 2008, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the LSHTM £31 million for malaria research in Africa. Whitty, who was the principal investigator for the ACT Consortium at the time, rode the glory that followed as leader of  the research program. Such is how ‘experts’ are groomed for top government science jobs.

Just as in climate ‘science’ these chosen experts promote the most alarmist narrative and clamor for the fullest possible interventions by Big Government over our lives.

But these crooks will never be called out by the BBC or other mainstream news outlets because Bill Gates and his ilk own them, too. Alternatively, the disenfranchised, the non-scientists are turning in droves to emergent online bodies such a Principia Scientific International where they have more hope in finding out what non-partisan medical doctors and scientists say on such matters.

I saw this emergent Great Awakening first hand while attending the “anti-lockdown” Wolverhampton Pandemic Protest held in the city center on a damp and gloomy Saturday afternoon of the 14th of Novembers (our video and full report to follow).

As I saw as we walked the streets among enthused protesters streaming through this West Midlands town ordinary people were becoming surprisingly knowledgeable and alert to the scamdemic. No longer are they falling for the lie that the ubiquitous PCR swab tests are a reliable diagnostic tool when as many as 90 percent are revealed to be false positives.

If we keep on letting corrupt politicians lock down our national economies with junk science like this then we only have ourselves to blame for churning out generation after generation of scientifically uneducated youth.

Public education systems are hand in hand with the  mainstream media and will also likely suffer the same mass switch off as the newly awakened look elsewhere to educate themselves. But we are not here to be all preachy.

We simply urge everyone….. trust no one and do your own research!

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