Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted that the globalist structure trying to steal the presidential election will be defeated inside of two weeks as election fraud evidence continues to pour in.

On his show War Room: Pandemic Tuesday, Bannon reminded his audience that Big Tech and the media’s efforts to silence him and other truth-tellers from speaking out about election fraud will fail.

“Everybody, I want to reiterate, you’re changing world history,” Bannon said. “This is why they’re trying to shut down the show, this is why they’re trying to suppress your voice.”

“And here’s the reason: Donald Trump – not in the room, not in the deal – Donald Trump put you in the room, and that’s what changed world history.”

“They do not want him to close and claim his victory. We are 14 days until the defeat of the globalists,” Bannon predicted. “You see how they operate. They don’t have a debate, they don’t have a discussion. They just want to shut you down — it’s not going to happen.”

Bannon then directed his remarks to the far-left fake news, warning them that all their complaining won’t stop President Trump from being sworn in for a second term.

“Biden lost. Media Matters are gonna have to embrace the suck, okay?” he continued. “Biden is done, he’s finished. He’s illegal, illegitimate, did not win, and you guys can whine all you want — it’s OVER. And we’re going to start crushing this today.”

Bannon’s remarks come amid reports from Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell has obtained “overwhelming evidence” showing software designed to “rig elections” switched millions of votes from Biden to Trump.