Protests have broken out across US cities in the aftermath of a contentious presidential election where a clear winner has yet to be determined. Donald Trump’s campaign has mounted legal challenges over alleged irregularities in multiple battleground states. Challenger Joe Biden has announced the creation of an ‘election protection’ legal fund.

Black Lives Matter activists and allied Democrat-leaning protest groups have begun a mass mobilisation across major cities to ensure that the counting of votes continues, and have threatened to continue protests outside the White House and elsewhere unless the Trump campaign halts its planned legal challenges in states where voting irregularities have been suspected.

BLM and a group known as ‘Count Every Vote’ has called on Trump to concede defeat, staging rallies Wednesday in major cities including Washington, DC, New YorkChicago, Philadelphia,  Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle, demanding that the count of mail-in ballots continues unabated. In Portland, the city which has witnessed widespread protests since the summer, a riot was declared, prompting Oregon authorities to activate the National Guard.

Protests Promised Until a New Government Sworn In

Shut Down DC, a protest group created in 2019, and which has the self-described goal of “making plans to rise up to confront the Trump administration’s attacks on democracy,” is calling on protesters in the capital to gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza across from the White House, and is urging them to “keep showing up and keep supporting each other until the people swear in a new government”>

A separate group known as the Sunrise Movement made plans for Trump’s overthrow before the election even took place, with a since deleted video of a purported leaked Zoom call by organisers encouraging protesters to “shut down the White House,” and publishing a “target map” including key government buildings, media outlets, police stations.

Suggesting that they were “facing and an administration and a potential coup and a political insurrection,” ‘protest consultant’ Lisa Fithian told organizers that in the event of a crisis, the goal was “to make sure it’s one that we are creating. We want them to be responding to us and us not responding to them. In a situation of a coup or an insurrection or an uprising, whoever’s got the guns, often can win. We should be clear. Trump’s gotta go,” Fithian added.

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