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For many outside of Ireland, a common question regarding the seemingly rapid descent into decadence and liberalism is ‘What happened to Ireland‘?’.

The same question is invariably being asked this week, except now it is, ‘What happened to Poland?’

A quick summary would be that decades of malignant Western Capitalist influence have been coupled with an external anger. That anger has come from the European Union, seemingly incensed that someone within their ranks is reminding Europeans of what their nations were like before the proliferation of secularism and mass immigration from non European nations. Like Ireland, the crucial driving factor in giving an operative outlet to this anger has been one man, George Soros. Although the left like to play down Soros criticism as Anti Semitic conspiracy theories, evidence is irrefutable in the cases of both Ireland and Poland.

The trouble that we are now observing in Poland began three months ago, in the wake of the election of President Andrej Duda. The Catholic President’s narrow victory enraged leftists all over the world, with images of him visiting Catholic shrines and receiving Communion kneeling and on the tongue only increasing slurs hurled his way. International journalists did their best to undermine the win. The Guardian lamented that his election ‘handed populists free reign’. Reuters reported that ‘Polish conservative Duda re-elected, deeper EU rifts likely’. A stage was set, Poland had an extremist in charge and the international community were obliged to speak out.

Many would point to the July protests against so called ‘LGBT Free Zones’ as the significant milestone in this threat to Poland’s social fabric. But the man behind the curtain of that particular milestone made a more significant one in August. George Soros, in a nasty and aggressive interview with Hungarian opposition daily Nepsava, stated that Poland and Hungary were ‘internal enemies’ within the European Union. Soros actually named both Viktor Orban and Jaroslaw Kaczynski as these enemies and ominously stated that the democratically elected politicians had ‘occupied their states’. The Hungarian billionaire subversive identified that both Poland and Hungary would have to be confronted as their focus on religion, family and tradition were making secular economic abyss of Western Europe start to miss what is has now squandered. Soros interestingly also notes that Italy is quickly becoming disillusioned with the high youth unemployment and anti natalism of of Modern Europe. His solution to that is classic Soros, just throw a bit of money at them to keep them quiet.

Mere days before the publication of that interview, Soros’s plan had already been set in motion. On July 29th, a number of ‘transgender’ people climbed a statue of Jesus Christ in Warsaw and placed a Rainbow Flag on a statue of Christ and desecrated several Catholic places of worship, including statues of Pope John Paul II. The violence quickly escalated, on the back of German borne conspiracy theories alleging ‘LGBT Free Zones’, which were actually zones banning graphic sexual indoctrination of little children at school. Protestors, many bussed in from Germany, showed up at churches such as the Capuchin Friary in Lublin. The astroturfed protestors singled out places of worship for protests, something which the international media refused to condemn.

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catholic arena