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According to the analysis of LUDE Media, if LUDE Media did not disclose the truth about the spread of Covid-19 from person to person and the breakout on January 19, 2020,The CCP would definitely block the news until March. At that time, the virus will completely overwhelm the US medical system and cause the paralysis of social order, which will cause a huge impact on the US dollar. Also the CCP will take the opportunity to replace US dollar with its blockchain currency.

The sharp depreciation of the U.S. dollar directly affects the value of American companies. For example, a company which was originally worth 100 billion dollars would depreciate to 1 billion dollars. At this time, a large number of agency companies that are actually controlled by the CCP, Hunter Biden, Obama and others will acquire American technology companies at a very low cost. Also the world’s most cutting-edge technology accumulated by the United States, were instantly controlled by the CCP.

Such a chain effect will eventually affect the military. In modern warfare, the essence of military contest is the contest of science and technology. Once the CCP obtains the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of the United States through this method, the so-called military advantage will be gone. At this time, it becomes meaningless to talk about national security.

To this day, the war that most people in the world think about is still a traditional hot war, but we need to deeply understand that the third world war has already begun. This is a war that completely subverts traditions. It is a biological warfare, a media war, technological war and financial war. At the same time, this is not just a war between the CCP and the United States, it is a contest between the CCP, the Biden family, Wall Street, and other evil forces in many countries, and Whistleblower Movement, Bannon, Trump and other justice forces.

In 2020, the whole world has experienced countless lives and deaths. If we do not awaken or fight, we will be greeted by endless despotism and darkness. Therefore, the elimination of CCP and other evil forces is the necessary to maintain democracy, law, and freedom.

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