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SHOPPERS in Wales vented their fury as “non-essential” items were covered up in supermarkets with the nation now beginning its “firebreak” lockdown.

Stores are now unable to sell clothes to customers and staff are being told to prioritise the sale of “important” essential goods during the 17-day lockdown.

Staff in a Tesco in Wales were seen covering up 'non-essential' items including sheets and duvets
Electrical goods and kitchenware also aren't available to buy

Meanwhile, police checkpoints are also being set up on a key section of the Wales-England border, officers in Gloucestershire confirmed. 

Gloucestershire Constabulary will stop people travelling into Wales and encourage them to turn around if officers “are not satisfied with their explanation”.

If people do not turn around, the police said it will tell forces in Wales so that they can issue a fine.  

Today, a stunned shopper took snaps of a section in a Tesco store being effectively cordoned off, with household items such as duvets shut away.

Staff could be seen covering up aisles and stopping shoppers from accessing the banned items for the next two weeks.

A shocked person commented: “Non-essential items being covered up in supermarkets in Wales. Has it really come to this?”

And another said: “Shops in Wales covering up ‘non-essential items’ ahead of tonight’s lockdown. Not entirely sure I understand the logic.”

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