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A hand sanitiser used in schools has been recalled after it has been proven to cause skin issues, headaches and respiratory issues, prompting the Department of Education to announce they can close early if they have inadequate supplies of alternative products.

The Department of Agriculture say ‘Virapro Hand Sanitiser’ has been removed from a list of approved products due to “possible public health concerns”.

Tests were carried out by the Department of Agriculture which shows it does not comply with regulations around hand sanitiser products.

In a statement, it says prolonged use of Virapro can cause dermatitis, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation as well as headaches.

The company which makes the product has been told to recall all of its bottles immediately.

According to The Irish Times, the Department of Education has said that all schools should check whether the product has been used in their school and make local arrangements to buy alternative hand sanitiser and to increase hand washing in the meantime.

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