By Helena Handbasket – October 22nd 2020

War takes many forms. It’s not always obvious who the enemy is or even the tactics being used against you which are defined as a weapon.

In Ireland today, the latest attack began in March and is part of a long term war over many generations with the current wave of assault now accelerating rapidly.

The new harsh lockdown, with all its lunacy exposed, is still being accepted by the majority of Irish people as somehow necessary, despite the fact that they were told months ago that a similar ‘3 week’ lockdown would help ‘flatten the curve’ and allow the country to go back to some form of ‘normality’, albeit a new normality which bore no resemblance to the past in any shape or form, and yet the Irish people accepted such action as crucial to the health of the nation, having been threatened with overwhelmed hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, people dropping dead in the street and a complete collapse of society, mass unemployment and wholesale decimation of the state.

How well they were fooled as they complied to such diktats, while hospitals remained empty, as did family businesses, from clearly idiotic puppet politicians who ignored their own rules, repeatedly flaunting their untouchable status to the plebs, who would soon be dying in droves in care homes where the elderly were abandoned to die without hope, without care and without family members to console them; not to mention skyrocketing suicide rates across the demographic spectrum as jobs were lost, historical family businesses destroyed and an unprecedented increase in domestic violence, drug and alcohol dependence and abuse of both.

This has all occurred from the start of spring through summer when people could at least get out and about in what passes as sunshine and warm weather in Ireland to at least have some semblance of a quality of life, albeit hugely diminished and limited by political diktats.

What now as Ireland goes into what will undoubtedly become the darkest winter in Irish history? It will put the tyranny of British rule in the shade as the country implodes on itself voluntarily with a few dissenting voices still trying to warn the compliant masses as to what’s clearly happening right before their eyes.

There’s a good reason historically why armies didn’t attack in winter. It was cold and wet and armies tended to become bogged down and demoralized very quickly, diseases and viruses were an issue as were the simple logistics of arming, fueling and feeding large bodies of soldiers.

The current attack in the war being perpetrated on the Irish people by their own government is using the winter season to ensure that its enemy, the people of Ireland , will be debilitated in much the same way under lockdown through the winter to such an extent that it may be impossible for them to fight back in any meaningful way.

But that can’t be allowed to happen.

If they get away with this brutality, then deaths earlier in the year will be eclipsed exponentially as all forms of human interaction are curtailed with the resulting increase in all of the above devastating societal outcomes.

Retaliating in whatever means are available in this year’s dark winter may be the only hope left for a once proud Irish society to reinvigorate such pride in memory of those ancestors, those who fought and spilled their blood against the once mightiest army in the world, to free themselves and future generations from tyrannical rule, as they watch their beloved country crumbling to dust in the wake of a fake pandemic and a fake tyrannical government.

A friend in Ireland recently sent me a meme regarding turning the clocks being turned back for Daylight Saving Time… I couldn’t agree more…

“Clocks go back this week. I’m setting mine back to 1916 when this country had balls”