By Deborah Franklin

Alan Howell Parrot is an unusual character with a flowing gray beard and wizard’s turban who looks like he popped out of a movie. Born in Maine, he followed his fascination with falcons to the Middle East, serving as Chief Falconer to the Shah of Iran and organizing falconry hunts for the royal families of Saudi Arabia. His falconry skills often brought him into Iran, where he says he met Osama bin Laden six times. Parrot claims that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama were fully aware that bin Laden and more than 100 of his top Al Qaeda fighters were sheltering in Iran, along with their families. And he’s now released documents to support his claim, including an audio recording, that he has not denied, of Joe Biden’s attorney admitting that Osama bin Laden was being kept in Iran as part of a deal with the U.S government.

For years, Parrot tried to alert the public about his disturbing experience with American intelligence agencies that he says refused to take action against bin Laden’s encampment. “John Brennan and Clinton and Biden outsourced the imprisonment of Al Qaeda leaders to Iran,” Parrot recently told Charles Woods, father of fallen Benghazi hero Tyrone Woods. (You can watch their conversation here.)  “My team planned a program to go in and get bin Laden in Iran. We were going to catch him while he was falconry hunting.”

According to Parrot, U.S. intelligence agencies first ignored, then obstructed, and finally threatened him, warning they would alert the Iranians if he attempted to capture bin Laden. Eventually, Parrot says, Hillary Clinton arranged to move bin Laden to Pakistan for a “trophy kill” to ensure Obama’s reelection. In 2010, Parrott made a movie, “Feathered Cocaine,” about his encounters with bin Laden, which was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Here’s the trailer.) In 2011, his lawyer, John Loftus, alleged more details of U.S. intelligence’s complicity in sheltering bin Laden in an article that included this intriguing tidbit: “My friend laughed and said, “Don’t you get it, John? The last thing they want is for anyone to capture bin Laden alive. Think of what he could say on the stand in a public trial.” I didn’t believe him at first.”

Last week, Parrot’s story started to get traction when Anna Khait, an independent journalist, published, via Twitter, documents and audio that she says Parrot had given her. The documents include a signed non-disclosure agreement between Parrot, Congressman Curt Weldon & Joe Biden’s attorney (and fixer) Brian S. Ettinger, on information leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden, letters asking why the intelligence on bin Laden is being ignored, and audio of conversations between Parrot, Weldon, and Ettinger, in which Biden’s attorney acknowledges U.S. government policy is to shelter bin Laden in Iran: “He is being protected by us. We don’t really want to get him…we want him under the radar screen because he basically made a deal with us that he’s not gonna uh…hit us here in the US.” Neither Ettinger nor Biden has issued a statement denying it.

Parrot is not the only person making credible claims about bin Laden’s safe haven in Iran. Mike Moore, an intelligence expert and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, came to the same conclusion after interviewing government intelligence operators, informants, and lawmakers. Moore notes that Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during these events and that John Brennan was “neck deep” in arranging the bin Laden deal with the Saudis and Iranians. Mueller and Brennan, of course, were key figures in the coup efforts against President Trump.

“One of the biggest scandals in United States history is coming unraveled,” Moore wrote in 2018. “This is a national travesty, and people need to go to prison. The highest members of both administrations knew where bin Laden was tucked away but sent U.S. troops to die in Afghanistan looking for a ghost. Republican and Democrats working together to protect al-Qaeda and sell out the United States.”

Moore believes that Obama’s so-called Iran deal, in which the U.S. guaranteed Iran $150 billion, plus $1.8 billion in pallets of cash, was a ransom.  In effect, the lofty-sounding agreement was not designed to usher in peace, but to buy Iran’s silence about the United States stashing bin Laden and his top fighters in Iran and allowing them to continue operations.

Moore says that while he was researching his book, FBI agents raided his home twice and terrorized his wife and young children at gunpoint. If true, it suggests the government did not want scrutiny into its decision to protect the world’s most wanted terrorist by hiding him in the world’s largest terror state.

The implications are staggering and almost too painful to contemplate.  If the U.S. government conspired for years with Iran to shelter bin Laden and his Al Qaeda forces, we must look back and reevaluate everything that happened in the last twenty years. Why did George W. Bush allow 55 flights of Saudi nationals to leave the United States, immediately after the September 11th attacks? Why did he launch massive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, supposedly to look for bin Laden, if he knew his target was in Iran? Why did he continue to wage these wars in ineffective, costly, and disastrous ways under a false premise? Research by Ken Timmerman has shown that Iran was a state sponsor of the 9/11 attacks, along with Saudi Arabia. Why did Bush not engage the state actors responsible for the worst attacks in American history, and, instead, expend American blood and treasure in diversionary lands?

As for Obama and Biden, if these revelations are true, why did they continue these falsely premised wars, and expand them to Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan? Was the Iran deal, which included a pathway to acquiring nuclear weapons, a payoff for silence? Were Obama’s crippling rules of engagement on American forces designed to empower America’s enemies? What really happened in the Seal Team 6 raid to kill bin Laden? Why did the top U.S. special operations commander order military files about the raid on bin Laden to be purged from Defense Department computers? Was the doomed Seal Team 6, traveling by helicopter, set up by Obama and Biden for attack? What really happened in Benghazi?

The cost of the Forever Wars in the Middle East waged by Bush, Cheney, Obama and Biden can never be calculated. Thousands of American soldiers are dead and injured; over $6 trillion of American taxpayer money has been spent;  American’s morale has been shattered and our freedom eroded through the Patriot Act and other measures.

President Trump is creating peace in the Middle East, bringing our soldiers home, and ending the Forever Wars which enriched many Washington insiders. His administration has been targeted from the beginning by Robert Mueller and John Brennan, among others, who now stand accused of conspiring to keep bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Iran, allowing them to continue operations. The entire political, intelligence, and military establishment have many dark secrets to hide, and they’re counting on Joe Biden to protect them. On November 3rd, the American people may vote to bring those secrets into the light and finally see justice.

American Thinker