By Helena Handbasket – October 19th 2020

As if Irish jokes weren’t bad enough it appears that Simon Harris TD, the former Minister for Health, is to receive an award for exceptional service in dealing with the early days of the Covid-19 manufactured crisis.

It’s strange that someone apparently deserving of an award for outstanding achievement should be removed from a role which he is apparently an expert in and moved to another, Minister for Higher Education. Perhaps the goal is really to destroy any semblance of education left in the Irish school system or ‘re-imagine education’ in line with the psychopathic Bill Gates agenda? Perhaps he should be re-titled Minister for Hire Education?

This is akin to giving his namesake Rolf Harris, an Australian ‘entertainer’ and convicted paedophile, an award for child care.

When awards are handed out for total incompetence and blatant lies while the criminal in the spotlight who is clearly working for foreign entities and using their script, you know the game is up. You know the tyrant stands before you.

For Harris to awarded for the murder of a large number of vulnerable, elderly Irish people across the country is a disgusting piece of sycophantic theatre and should be seen as nothing less than the proverbial two fingered salute to the nation as a whole.

To be rewarded for murder is something which is only supposed to happen in the sick minds of video game makers who seek to desensitize the player stupid enough to take up the controls.

When it happens in real life and the person in control is seen as the hero, and accepted as such, then we know that humanity has been lost entirely.

Mr Harris, who is now the Minister for Higher Education, will be awarded the ‘Trinity Praeses Elit’ by the Trinity College Law Society.

In a letter to Mr Harris, the Society said he had been nominated for the award for his “admirable work” as Minister for Health and his “leadership during the Coronavirus pandemic”.

The Society also praised him for work as Minister for Higher Education and said “no person” is “more equipped than you to create an education system which is accessible to all.”

They said the award is given to recipients who have “advanced discourse” in their line of work and who have been a “source of inspiration for young people everywhere.”

I doubt the remnants of the elderly population will see it in quite the same light as they fear for their lives under the Irish health system which has murdered many of their friends this year already and who are set to see that continue under the new Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, himself no stranger to tyranny.

I doubt the elderly will sleep easy in their homes this winter under the callous iron fist of this savage.

As if things couldn’t get any worse with Harris, he’s now calling the shots on further lockdowns stating yesterday that Ireland was to descend further into the tyrannical bog of Level 4 and Level incarceration of the country.

How can a Minister of Higher Education have this level of power over the population? His title is clearly a front.

In an interesting take from the above article, Harris stated that,

“Tomorrow we will have to bring in more restrictions. Level 3 has not worked, in terms of getting the virus to where it needs to get to.”

The question is: Where does the virus ‘need’ to get to?

Care homes?

Perhaps this can be categorized in the mainstream press as yet another unfortunate ‘blunder’ of momentous and murderous proportions with the predictable result that more of the elderly and vulnerable die?

His next award is waiting in the wings, hopefully of Irish patriots, who will reward him with the savage form of justice he truly deserves.