By Helena Handbasket – October 14th 2020

A number of years ago I took my American wife to the small village of St. Cyrus on the east coast of Scotland,  close to Montrose. It was there that we located the now derelict Kaim of Mathers.; Mathers being my wife’s ancestral family name. The story goes that…

“The castle was constructed due to strained relations between David Barclay and Sir John (James) Melville of Glenbervie, Sheriff of Mearns. David and his uncles became frustrated with the actions of the Sheriff and made an angry appeal to the King whilst he lodged at Red Castle. The monarch was allegedly somewhat exasperated by the repeated complaints. He may, or may not, have said “for all he cared they could go and make soup of their sheriff and sup him”. The complainants took this literally and prepared a large cauldron in a gully near the site of the later castle. They invited the Sheriff to a hunt but then turned on him and threw him in the cauldron boiling the unfortunate individual alive. They then allegedly duly ‘supped’ him. The King declared David and his uncles outlaws for their actions meaning any man had the right to kill them without consequence. Accordingly David Barclay built the Kaim of Mathers to serve as a secure residence.”

The alleged arrest of  men accused of attempting to kidnap Governor Whitmer in the US state of Michigan, who has implemented one of the harshest lockdown regimes in the US under the guise of a deadly virus which has been proven to be anything but, reminded me of the story of my wife’s ancestry when I read another article related to the alleged kidnapping of Whitmer which suggested, and I think this is a more likely scenario, that these  individuals were attempting a citizen’s arrest for crimes committed against the people of Michigan by the aforementioned tyrannical Whitmer.  They had also supposedly planned to do likewise to the Governor of Virginia for similar criminal actions.

In fact, a neighbouring Sheriff has supported that claim.

“Well, it’s just a charge. And they say a plot to kidnap. And you gotta remember that–are they trying to kidnap? Because a lot of people are angry with the governor and they want her arrested. So, are they trying to arrest or was it a kidnapping attempt? Because you can still, in Michigan, if it’s a felony, you can make a felony arrest.”

It brings to light the power of local law enforcement, clearly in collusion with the state apparatus, that citizens can no longer attempt a citizen’s arrest without being charged with what amounts to a terrorist act. It again goes to show that individuals have no right to address the crimes of their elected officials, who don’t forget, are servants of those people and as such are paid very well by them to carry out duties which are beneficial to the citizenry. These tyrannical governors have no right to basically kidnap the whole population of the state and try to justify it with illegal ‘Stay at Home’ diktats.

It would appear that kidnapping a population is fine if disguised under law, despite there being no law to justify such action, and it comes from the mouth of a puppet politician, but if the public decide that arresting a politician, which they have a right to do under the law, for acting tyrannically and holding the entire state population to ransom as in, “Do as you’re told and you might be allowed to come out of your homes if I say so” then that’s justifiable and legal.

I sincerely hope that this is a sign of things to come and that more citizens take up the mantle of enforcing the law on their own behalf to arrest individuals, whoever they are or what position of presumed power they feel they hold, and arrest such tyrants for the good of their fellow human beings who are clearly suffering abuse at the hands of a small coterie of criminals.

Whitmer’s attempted extension of her ‘emergency powers’ has been rejected recently and just perhaps these alleged ‘kidnappers’ have sown a seed of a threat to politicians, and indeed judges who have struck down Whitmer’s mandates, and are starting to take notice that the public will not stand for tyranny as easily as they’d hoped and that they just might be the next victims of a metaphorically speaking ‘Sheriff’s Kettle.’