By Helena Handbasket – October 14th 2020

Tyranny episode two is on the way as what appears to be a united Ireland in one respect at least. Both parts of the island of Ireland are now moving lockstep into drastic lockdown of the entire landmass in what could be seen as a further extension of a social engineering exercise using the island as the perfect environment to easily lockdown given that it can be easily isolated from mainland Britain, and internationally, simply by ensuring that no flights or ferries can enter either jurisdictions. That hasn’t been suggested yet, but it’s always going to be on the table. The border is an obvious problem for both countries in that it is virtually impossible to police and therefore both states will carry out the same policies to ensure that it becomes an irrelevance. There will be no point in trying to escape one tyranny to enter another.

The mainstream media continues to perpetrate the lie that Covid-19 is a highly contagious, deadly disease despite the fact that even the CDC and the WHO have admitted the opposite.

In fact, the CDC has even admitted that they have never even been able to find Covid-19. Yes, you read that correctly, they haven’t been able to find it, isolate it, and therefore obviously diagnose anybody with it. They certainly can’t claim to be racing at ‘warp speed’ to find a vaccine for something they have no evidence even exists and therefore, again obviously, no pathogen to work on a vaccine with.

I know in the south there have been major protests against this tyranny with the north being less active in their protests, but perhaps that will change in light of the latest Draconian measures being reintroduced. Perhaps the Irish people as a whole can unite in common cause and put their cultural differences aside to fight this common tyranny which is affecting, or indeed infecting, them all.

Tyranny does not compromise despotism due to your religious beliefs or any other cultural norm people cling to. It is despotic in all aspects of life and will continue to be so unless people unite in common cause to fight it.

I would like to see some attempt by both sides in the cultural divide, which has been used against the whole island of Ireland, come together, perhaps on the border, to show their disgust and outrage at their respective government institutions.

The greatest fear of all tyrants is that the divided masses join hands and turn against their common enemy. It’s time that happened.

In fact, that time is long overdue.