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Groundbreaking audio claims Biden and Obama knew the top terrorist leader’s location and schedule for years and did nothing

National File can provide recordings of a conversation between former U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), Alan Howell Parrot, the CEO of The Union for the Conservation of Raptors (UCR), and Biden associate and attorney Brian Ettinger, in which Parrot claims he has verifiable intelligence about the whereabouts and patterns of movement of Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden who, according to Parrot, traveled to Iran for extended stays in which he would vacation and participate in elite level falconry hunting.

According to Parrot in the conversation recorded on June 2, 2011, bin Laden traveled to Iran for between three and five months each year for the purpose of participating in elite level falconry hunting. Parrot explained to Weldon that he learned this when speaking directly with those responsible for organizing the hunts, who offered extensive details about bin Laden’s whereabouts in the country, information about a temporary hostage used to insure bin Laden’s good behavior while in the country, and other sensitive information about the terrorist leader.

Most shockingly, Parrot claims he was informed of a deal made between the Bush administration, then renewed and continued by the Obama administration, that allowed bin Laden to remain free and in charge of the terrorist organization on condition that he did not attack the United States in its own territories. Parrot says he went as far as to contact top level government officials in the Bush and Obama administrations, including those close to 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, in an attempt to cooperate with the U.S. Military. Parrot then claims he even organized a potential arrest of bin Laden in the country.

Listen to the five minute conversation between former U.S. Rep. Weldon, Parrot, and Ettinger:

Here are excerpted transcripts of the over five minutes of audio. In this portion, Weldon introduces Parrot to Ettinger, who would soon become a lawyer representing UCR. Weldon introduces Ettinger as someone who “has access” to Biden, and who is “very close to Biden on a number of issues,” and “was his former staffer.”:

Congressman Curt Weldon: “I told you who Brian is.  He’s a good friend and  trusted partner of mine.  He um, he has access . . . ah, he doesn’t get paid, he’s does this as a favor for Biden with the Interagency Organized Crime Task Force that works with our agencies.  He’s also very close to Biden on a number of issues, he was his former Staffer.  I trust him with my life, and we’re business partners.  I’ve told him about you . . . but I want you to tell him the most recent situation and then Brian and I are going to talk about it.”

Attorney Brian Ettinger: “Curt told me about I guess the lates incident with, uh, with with uh Governor, Governor Richardson, and uh he gave he went through your background and who you are and the people that you previously contacted, and he indicated that you know, you were going to try to get Susan Collins and Lieberman aahm, united together to go in and see the Pres, to brief the President (Obama) or the Vice President (Biden) about this situation.”

ETTINGER: “I’m sure you do know most of the royal, members of the royal families because that’s what they hunt with is falcons, as well as Bin Laden, ahh, um, ahh, used to hunt with falcons . . . he still does.”

Alan Howell Parrot: “Yes, falconry is the Rosetta Stone for al-Qaeda.  I met Victor Bout in Shaikh Zayed’s falconry camps, and recently between November 2004 and up until recently my team members have met Usama bin Laden six times inside Iran.  We have repeatedly notified the US government and only received, uh first we were ignored, then we were obstructed, and then we were threatened.”

According to the audio, Parrot was convinced that the Bush administration willingly chose not to go after bin Laden, and expressed this to Ettinger and Weldon, in addition to his concern that Obama would not take the opportunity. In response, Ettinger seemingly suggested that he could leverage his access to Biden, and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and former Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) to create a bipartisan push championed by the vice president.

“Yeah I just told Curt I said now, the b’ the better way of doing it is if Susan Collins and Lieberman are on board,” said Ettinger. “I wouldn’t go see Obama, I’d go see Biden.”

When Weldon suggested Ettinger could arrange such a meeting, Parrot insisted that he had “documentation” proving the Bush administration, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the Obama/Biden administration worked together to allow bin Laden’s continued freedom.

According to Parrot and Ettinger, bin Laden struck a deal with the Obama/Biden administration in which he would not attack the United States in exchange for his continued survival.

PARROT: “Here’s the problem Sir:  Ahh, we have identified with documentation, three mechanisms used by the Bush administration to covertly engineer Bin Laden’s house arrest inside Iran, we have identified two mechanisms used by this administration ahh, to continue the legacy, and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over this, and Leon Panetta’s fingerprints are all over this.  We will have tremendous opposition.”

ETTINGER: “Well yeah, ’cause he’s being, I told Curt today, I said he, he’s being pro’ ah uh, he is being protected by us.  We don’t really want to get him . . . we want him under the radar screen because he basically made a deal that he’s not gonna ah . . . hit us here in the US.”

Parrot also claims to have documents, audio, and other evidence connecting other past and present government officials, both Democrats and Republicans, to what he claims was a willful decision from top officials to allow bin Laden to remain free that started in at least 2007 and extended well into the Obama/Biden administration.

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