Catholic Arena

This past week, some have hysterically greeted the news of the removal of crucifixes from Irish public schools as being indicative of the decline of Catholic Ireland. This overestimation of the importance of what is essentially an architectural formality illustrates how out of touch many Catholics and public commentators are from the reality on the ground.

What happens in state schools need not be of significant consequence to the Catholic Church whatsoever. Rather, what is currently being permitted to take place in Catholic schools is what really matters.

Just this week, a viral video showed an Imam on the altar praising the ‘Prophets Muhammad and Jesus’ in front of children from a ‘Catholic’ school in Dublin with a priest beside him, arms outstretched in an Islamic prayer gesture.

Those sorts of ecumenist disasters are, for now, relatively rare. The real danger lies in schools adopting other Modernist ideals, those of Queer Theory and state backed LGBT propaganda.

In the past number of years, many Catholic schools in Ireland have lowered the flags of their various founding orders and congregations, replacing them instead with Rainbow flags, completely at odds with the Catholic faith. Pernicious adults have flooded schools with exhibitions about Drag Queens and allowed pro abortion extremists such as Saoirse Ronan the opportunity to brag about their involvement in campaigns to remove the right to life of unborn children.

What has been the driving force behind this?

Firstly, Fine Gael have been incredibly proactive regarding hijacking Catholic schools as a means of imposing their social programs. In the past two years, they have sent MEP Maria Walsh, who claims to be a practicing Catholic and practicing lesbian, to Catholic schools to raise the Fine Gael approved LGBT flag. This warped approach has been allowed to take root with little opposition. In one particularly offensive image, Walsh can be seen standing under an image of Our Lady as she tells the students about why the merits of the Globalist approved sexuality of LGBT lifestyles.

This flag is deeply problematic. It is not, as some claim, about equality or respect.

The Rainbow flag, for anyone who does not know, is anti Catholic not just in the sexual lifestyles that it represents, but also in the minds of those who created it. Gilbert Baker, who designed the flag in 1978, despised Catholicism and in 1979 formed a cohort known as the ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’, a Drag Queen group who dressed up as Nuns to mock the Catholic faith and performed provocative acts upon one another in Drag. In 1982, they interrupted an interfaith prayer meeting in St. Mary’s Cathedral in California in order to intimidate Christians. Starting in 1995, they carried out pub crawls which served as mock Stations of the Cross each Easter Sunday, handing out condoms and mocking the Mass by passing Vanilla Wafers and Jagermeister shots to attendees in a demonic parody of the Eucharist. In 1999

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