By Dan Hagen – Independent Musician

Musicians and Artists – A Government big enough to control everything you do is powerful enough to take everything you have.

Your political beliefs and ideology will make you starve yourselves, lose everything you’ve worked your whole life for and you’ll have no one but yourselves to blame as you’ve advocated for lockdowns and total destruction of the world’s economies and our whole industry.

Delete me if you must If you can’t stomach what I have to say, curse my name for speaking inconvenient truths, but no one can or will bail us out. The Governments can’t protect us from a virus that, by all science from the CDC, is no more harmful than the flu.

You’ve been lied to, you’ve been indoctrinated for agendas much bigger than who is running for president or the 2 major political gangs. No, Trump nor Biden will save us. Only you can save yourselves. This is a banker global currency reset and Covid is the fall guy.

*Research Davos, World Economic Forum and what they call, “The Great Reset”. No protocol you follow with masks, social distancing or obeying whatever command Governments and the media tell you to do will save your career. It will only be because you step away from the herd that is walking off a proverbial cliff in self destruction, act like an individual, think for yourself and demand your rights back and demand full opening of the economy NOW.

No one will care about our struggles as musicians when the general public has also lost their jobs and industries…

Stand up now!

Speak up or lose everything and deserve it. In an unfree world, live as freely as possible and inspire others. This is our only way out; our only hope. If anyone wants to debate the science here, I’ll gladly do it only using official CDC sources to back my point….

You’re going to have to stop voting for Big Government Democrats and Republicans and vote for only fiscal conservatives that don’t want to intervene in every aspect of your life. This is what destroyed your career, your industry. It’s your failed ideology.

*If you’re looking to have my ideas here confirmed by this article, you’re looking in all the wrong places. The only thing the Governments did during Covid was spread the massive amounts of debt and bankruptcies Governments caused in the public sector to infect all of the private sector and destroy the world.

If your takeaway from all of this isn’t that Government should be heavily restricted and diminished in power and size, you’ve learned nothing at all.

Liberty is all that can save us…
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