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Family forced to sleep under a bridge after eviction from their home in Limerick City, Ireland, at the weekend.

John Johnson (54) claims he, his sons and the girlfriend of one of them, were left “walking the streets” after bailiffs gave them “half an hour” to get out of their home on Saturday, October 10.

When he asked them “what about Covid-19?” they replied they were “only doing their job”.

Mr Johnson claims they were intimidating, wore masks, and covered the property and their belongings in bleach.

A lack of available bed spaces meant he was unable to find emergency accommodation, and they were all forced to sleep under a bridge.

The distraught father said he has worked all his life in the bar trade before getting onto a
community employment scheme for three years and got another job in a pub.

He was there a week before it was closed due to Covid.

Mr Johnson said he is entitled to “the weekly Covid payment but I haven’t received it in two weeks.”

He said he and his sons David and Adam, both 29, as well as David’s girlfriend Debbie Moloney, 36, wrapped themselves in blankets and slept under Sarsfield Bridge Saturday night and Sunday night.

The spot is just feet from where John’s brother Jimmy died by suicide in the River Shannon in 2010.

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