In their three-part paper, Dr. Casanova and Dr. Zabiega examine the coronavirus crisis as a medical phenomenon, a political disaster, and a grave danger for the future of humanity.

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A Catholic philosopher and a Catholic neurologist have written an essay laying out the medical and the political effects of the coronavirus. Their conclusion is that the manipulation of public panic is, in all but a few cases, more dangerous than the disease.

Dr. Carlos A. Casanova, a professor of philosophy at the University of St. Thomas in Chile, and American neurologist Dr. Thomas Zabiega have written a paper outlining the grave harm that indiscriminate lockdowns and rejection of an effective treatment for COVID-19 is having and will continue to have globally. 

“Towards the end of the first quarter, the World Health Organization (WHO), along with the mainstream media and many governments, succeeded in creating a panic situation in the population of the western hemisphere,” they continued. 

“This panic led to the adoption of disastrous public health measures (mainly, social distancing, confinement and lockdowns), encroaching on the freedom of the people and on the democratic institutions of the West and of other nations.”

The full paper can be accessed here in pdf format.

In their three-part paper, Casanova and Zabiega examine the coronavirus crisis as a medical phenomenon, a political disaster, and a grave danger for the future of humanity. It is not the disease that is the problem, as such, but the cynical encouragement and manipulation of widespread public panic. The endgame, they suspect, will be the coercive inoculation of millions of people with an as-yet-untested RNA vaccine. 

“Let us be clear: vaccines are a wonderful thing which have made humanity immune to very grave [illnesses],” they wrote.  

“But there is little doubt that nowadays vaccines are often mixed with substances which are harmful or unethical; and also there is little doubt that the lethality of Sars-CoV-2 does not justify lockdowns, extreme social distancing measures and much less forced vaccination.”

Early in their paper, the scholar and the neurologist examine the strange rejection of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment, the inexplicable rejection of professional medical advice not to impose house arrest on the elderly, let alone everyone else, and the catastrophic expulsion of elderly people from hospitals into nursing homes, where the vast majority of coronaviruss-linked fatalities have taken place. Lockdowns have led to an increase of social problems, like excessive drinking and drug abuse, as well as the neglect of people with other diseases, like cancer. The effectiveness of so-called social distancing and mask-wearing are in doubt, as is any need for panic. The idea that we do not have immune systems that can fight off a “novel” coronavirus is false, they say: “Of course we do! Every year there might be a new virus and for thousands of years we have fought them off.”

Regarding the political nature of the coronavirus panic, Casanova and Zabiega stress that the lockdown is politically, not medically, motivated. They note the role the Communist Party of China has played, and China’s links to both the Director of the World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. They argue the Hippocratic concept of medicine has been corrupted by a neo-Marxism that also threatens basic human liberties. In the months of the lockdowns, scholars have been unable to publish narrative-challenging coronavirus research, small and medium-sized businesses have been destroyed, freedom of assembly has been criminalized, religious worship has been suspended, anti-family laws have been passed, and the Soros-funded Open Democracy organization has openly sneered at the idea of the family home as a safe haven.  

“The point now is that we see the need to raise our voice and warn the world that behind the lockdowns a grim agenda is lurking and that agenda clearly includes the abolition of the family,” the authors write.  

“This is one more reason why the peoples of the Earth should rise against the arbitrary constrictions imposed to their freedom of movement and association.”

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