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Approx 110 people die everyday in Ireland, 3,000 approx a month, that’s about 21,000 in 7 months, in that 7 months, 94 people died from covid alone in Ireland….

The CDC figures said 6 % of the 1,777 deaths which was 94 average age people being 84 years. The average age of death is 82, 20,000 or so Irish people died of Cancer, Lung disease, Heart failure, Strokes and Obesity SUICIDES have gone through the roof.

I know of five people that committed suicide, I don’t know anyone and also anyone I have asked anywhere knows someone who died of covid

The economy is being destroyed, people waiting for cancer diagnoses, women with breast lumps need to be seen immediately. All these things are being deferred for many months and most of those people will DIE from their Cancer because of this complete BULLSHITE.

Masks do not protect anyone from viruses, masks harm the wearers from hypoxia, hypercapnia, brain disease can result from constantly breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide, children’s immune systems will be destroyed by the complicit sheep who watch all the FEAR PORN, spewing from those bloated godless globalist millionaires in RTE, VIRGIN Media.


No opinion other than politicians and NPHET and HSE plus RTR are all one sided rhetoric….

More people die in IRELAND in one day than have died of this crony fraud in 7 MONTHS. Why don’t they ban cars, in case you crash and die, why don’t we ban airplanes, even going for a walk a dog might bite you, we could also better ban sport somebody might get hurt

People die every day the chance of you dying from crony fraud is about the same as being struck by lightning and the recovery rate world wide is between 97 to 99.9%…

This is insane..

by anonymous

Source Ben Gilroy Facebook