Pubs, bars and restaurants could be forced to close between the hours of 6pm and 6am as part of emergency coronavirus restrictions, a report has claimed. Alcohol will also be ‘effectively banned’ in the country, a leaked document, shared by news website Guido Fawkes, states. It indicates that hospitality venues will only be able to open between 6am and 6pm if alcohol is not on sale, while only hotels can serve meals after the curfew hours. Exemptions to the rules include ‘significant life events’ such as wedding receptions and funeral wakes. The hospitality sector, likely to be hit hard by the restrictions, will be supported by the government. Many ‘urban pubs’ are expected to close as a result of the restrictions, but the document says those in remote and rural areas ‘may choose to continue to provide a service to local communities’. The restrictions are expected to be in place for a period of 16 days, to act as a ‘circuit breaker’ against the virus. The Scottish Government will make an announcement later today.

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