By Helena Handbasket – October 7th 2020

When an eco-fascist talks like an eco-fascist, walks like an eco-fascist and acts like an eco-fascist… That’s exactly what it is, with the caveat that it is also seriously mentally ill. Such is the case with Green Eco-Fascist TD and Minister, Eamon Ryan, who is determined to curtail the free movement of Irish people whilst in full support of mass immigration from all regions of the world, regardless of any underlying medical issues such people may carry with them.

No doubt, these useful idiot immigrants will be tested for Covid-19 with a PCR test that is as useful as testing a concrete block on the position of the stars and planets in our solar system. You get the same result… Zero effectiveness.

Perhaps Ryan and his eco-fascist cohort should be tested on their intelligence and qualifications as they seek to lock up perfectly healthy people on a lie thinly disguised as Covid-19 as ‘cases’ of perfectly healthy apparently rise. Since there is no effect seen of all these ‘cases’, one can assume these people to be immune to a large degree, which would therefore suggest that the much touted ‘herd immunity’ has already occurred. That should be obvious to anyone who could drag themselves away from the horror show called television for a day or two.

There are no overwhelmed hospitals and minimal reported deaths, which must be given some very close scrutiny as to their cause as it is already widely known that at least 94 percent of previous reported deaths were from other causes, and I would hazard a guess that nobody has actually died directly from the highly infectious plague called Covid-19. If so any such death must be extremely rare.

Eamon Ryan is not an expert in infectious diseases or travel. He is simply just one of many bags of hot air politicians, some of it CO2, playing to the masters who run him way above even his absurd salary and the salaries of his special propaganda advisors.

These are astronomical sums:-

Considering that Ireland only has a population of 4.9 million people these salaries are completely out of proportion to any reality in terms of value for money and logic.

How can these people possibly convince the public that they are worth such huge salaries as they destroy the livelihoods of the Irish people on a grand scale?

I have always argued that if someone truly gets into politics to ‘serve the people’ then they should start by serving those people at a basic wage equivalent to an ordinary worker in society. But of course, these psychopaths see the ordinary person in society as some kind of burden to be controlled and kept at a level of existence/subsistence so that they will forever be on the hamster wheel of life chasing the dream of health, wealth and happiness which continues to move off at an ever increasing pace into the distance as the hamster wheel has to turn faster for the ordinary person just to stay where they are in the societal group they’ve been born into.

Success is defined as having a good job, a good salary and all the trappings associated with such, the key word being ‘trappings’. These are just the metaphorical jewels and trinkets which can be taken from everyone at the stroke of a pen or a badly structured law to benefit a few who care not for society but only themselves and the bidding of their masters.

Ryan and his disgustingly evil comrades are no different. They will fleece the Irish sheep of everything whilst they live on the best lamb money can buy, while claiming to be vegetarians, whilst telling society to eat crickets on a stick and be grateful for them… “Be thankful, you can all have a leg!”

But now this creature of eugenics has decided that Irish people will no longer be allowed to travel, because he says so, to certain locations around the world as they might be infected with a bogus disease, whilst him and his unelected lunatic fringe sickeningly green party members can go wherever they want at the taxpayer’s expense.

When will the deceit finally hit the Irish public’s psyche to a large enough degree that the only travel these criminals will be allowed to do will be vertically six feet directly underground?

The Irish are under attack.

What does it take for the fighting Irish to fight back in this battle for their own humanity and that of their future generations?

When does peaceful protest end?

Violence is never an option until there is no other option .

Unfortunately, it’s getting very close to the point where there is no other option, especially when you are on the right side of humanity.

Evil cannot go unchallenged.