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People worldwide DO NOT WANT utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water. Tens of millions have been installed and millions more are planned despite all their problems – including fires, explosions, and serious cybersecurity risks (see 12).

These meters DO NOT save meaningful amounts of energy and customer bills usually increase because of them (see 12). They also emit high levels of harmful electromagnetic radiation that can and have made people and animals sick (see 123456).

Telegraph UK recently published an unflattering op-ed about “Smart” Meters being installed so utilities can ration energy. Readers have responded with additional unflattering comments.

From Telegraph UK:

‘They’re a scam, we should follow the Swiss model’ – Telegraph readers on smart meters

Is it time to review Britain’s household use of smart meters?

By Telegraph Readers 21 September 2020 • 1:30pm

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Richard Thomas 22 Sep 2020 2:35AM

I have a smart meter.

It cannot control any of my devices or appliances.

If I choose to I can schedule appliances to turn on or off based on the price of electricity. The smart meter plays no role whatsoever in this scheduling.

Smart meters do allow peak pricing. Peak pricing allows people to pay for the electricity they actually use. Old fashioned meters force non peak users to subsidise peak users.

I find it strange that there is so much opposition to this notion in The Telegraph, a paper that ostensibly supports the free market and opposes unnecessary subsidy.

Len RMaC 21 Sep 2020 2:18PM

Smart meters? Welcome to your personal peak period charging plan.

Richard Thomas 22 Sep 2020 2:27AM

Why should non peak users subsidise peak users?

Tom Clarke 21 Sep 2020 2:09PM

Wind and Solar are variable and so need to be buffered to enable best economic use and avoid the need for burning fossil fuel in power stations on stand by. Non essential use can be part of this buffer. Car batteries rarely need to be charged all night and could even be useful for sending power back into the grid, with user permission and an appropriate price. If heat pumps are heating a thick floor slab, a couple of hours are of little consequence.

Mark Bodmer 21 Sep 2020 2:08PM

“Consider how the Swiss manage their power consumption….washing machines for example can only be used within a certain time window each day.”

Very funny and complete nonsense of course. I assume the author just wanted to see if he could get away with it – April 1st style. We’ve lived in Switzerland for 30 years.

john stevens 21 Sep 2020 1:51PM

I have always thought that Smart Meters were a ‘scam’. Clever marketing has convinced many that they need no know that when they switch the light on,their electricity usage increases. Its disappointing that the Government has fallen for this scam,one cannot resist the notion that the ears of ministers have been ‘bent’ by lobbyists bearing gifts.

Geoff Robbins 21 Sep 2020 1:38PM

Whilst everyone is looking at the issues with smart meters, the real problem is sneaking up on us rapidly. The electricity grid itself, especially the wiring that delivers to households is deteriorating.

The first electric car was delivered in our road last year. Since then we have had continuing problems with power cuts caused by blowing fuses in the substation and power line. We also suffer from flickering lights and power drops.

The car in question isn’t even a Tesla which has a fast charge facility, but a plug-in hybrid. Another e-car in the road will bring disaster.

Andrew Smith 21 Sep 2020 1:18PM

An electricity company calling me up and pushing a ‘free’ smart meter immediately makes me suspicious. EDF have called me several times. Seems to me they would only offer this thing for nothing if it worked nicely for them, not me. Does not surprise me in the least that they might use it to switch people off. Buried in the small print of the smart meter acceptance form is probably a grant of permission to EDF to do so. Given the choice of massive capex in batteries all over the place or just cutting people off, I think we can assume what they, and all the other companies, will do.

Roy Dean 21 Sep 2020 1:00PM

Unfortunately, as can be seen from all this virus stupidity, most people cannot think for themselves and the only thing they don’t believe in is Father Christmas and Fairies. Although 100 years ago many people did believe in Fairies.

In the old days they used to call it naive, now we just call it stupidity, as 20 million have been installed, that illustrates the lack of brainpowerDeclare Your Independence!Profit outside the rigged system! Protect yourself from tyranny and economic collapse. Learn to live free and spread peace!

Stefan Melly 21 Sep 2020 12:49PM

Just another way of controlling you and yours.

Rohan Leaf 21 Sep 2020 12:21PM

Interesting to read this as I’m fed up with my current (and previous) enegery supplier constantly LYING about me saying I requested a smart meter, and harassing me to make the installation appointment. I’ve told them a few times I’ll never have one so back off. The worst bit is the same tactics will be basically bullying some people in to getting one. Quite scandalous really.

Roger Galoubet 21 Sep 2020 12:15PM

I don’t know why they ditched the original rotating disk meters; you could see at a glance how much power you were using. Mine was replaced many years ago with a digital display – nothing like as useful.

Incidentally I was having my motorbike MOT’d this morning and (whilst keeping a respectful distance) I noticed the three-phase meter at the front of the garage. It was a rotating disk meter. I wonder if they do smart three-phase meters?

Mike Strivens 21 Sep 2020 1:03PM

Yes they do

I think

Roy Fletcher 21 Sep 2020 12:07PM

I have a perpetual magnetic generator it beats meter readings.

ian Brown 21 Sep 2020 11:17AM

I’ve rejected the persuasion to have a Smart meter made by 3 different electricity companies. It’s enough to read (and send in) your readings to the supplier’s schedule, monthly or quarterly. Although I was irked somewhat by Shell Power’s monthly demands. I also dropped them after one year because of their silly high tariff offers to continue with them. I believe they want to charge for energy in the same way they charge for petrol/diesel and oils IE through the nose where possible!

Switching regularly seems to work for me and I’m broadly happy with my yearly total usage/bills.

But power suppliers are very greedy and customers need to keep an eye on their sharp practices at all times! I DO and you should too.

Simon Castleman 21 Sep 2020 10:53AM

When a smart meter automatically switches me to the cheapest tariff then I’ll have one. Until then I can see no advantage for me so will resist this. In addition anything the government is pushing has got to be suspect.

John Needs 21 Sep 2020 10:39AM

When the full functionality of smart meters is rolled out they will allow you to see what the price of electricity is at certain times of the day. This will then allow you to decide when to use for example a power hungry washing machine when electricity is cheaper. This is why most new domestic appliances have a delay function to allow you to do this.

My feeling is the utilities would not deliberately cut off an item, they will just encourage you not to use it by making it expensive at peak times when there is little surplus energy available.

Richard Thomas 22 Sep 2020 2:41AM

This is already available. I have it set up.

The prices are published a day in advance. Our immersion heater is programmed to run during the cheapest possible period overnight. Occasionally the price is even negative.

C R Green 21 Sep 2020 10:30AM

The only reason for smart meters is so that your supplier can know hour by hour how much electricity you are using…This will give them the information to develop “individual” tariffs for each customer..They will know when you use the most electricity and will be able to charge you on an hourly basis, increasing the personal unit charges for those hours you are using the most..Also,when their systems are hacked,every criminal will know from your hourly usage when you are in or out,or gone away on holiday,and when it is the best time to break into your property…Avoid at all cost.

Alan Webster 21 Sep 2020 10:10AM

Re the comments about Swiss households having separate circuits for different appliances, this is utter nonsense, my house and all my friends and neighbours have a single circuit.

The energy providers are all canton-based. A few years ago the government wanted to privatise the system saying competition would reduce prices. This was rejected by a national referendum.

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