By Helena Handbasket – October 2nd 2020

Stephen Donnelly, the bought off Minister for Anything But Health, is at it again with outrageous fear-mongering and smearing of anyone with an informed opinion, of which he sadly lacks.

To suggest that ‘anti-vaxxers’, his term not mine, are ‘ill-informed and dangerous’ is an opinion only held by those who deem tyranny to be an acceptable ideological stance when all lies have crumbled to dirt in a government which is corrupt to the core and living up to the age old euphemism of the Irish joke. This current Irish excuse for a government, there have been many others, could have a starring role in the ‘Worst Irish Jokes of all time’ almanac.

Let’s give Duplicitous Donnelly some credit to the two statements of truth in his diatribe when he warned that,

“There are people out there who are intent on spreading fear.”

“People are peddling things which are simply untrue for whatever reasons.”

I guess he must have looked in the mirror that morning seeing himself and his corrupt colleagues in those terms.

Donnelly is of course a pawn of the Bill & Melinda Gates murder factory masquerading as philanthropy and simply doing their bidding as one of many Gates mouthpieces and should be ridiculed for his acting ability buffoonery.

Instead he is held up as a paragon of truth and virtue whilst handing out diktats to the public to stay at home and obey the McMasters of the universe whilst he and his corrupt cronies carry on supping cheap (free) alcohol in the member’s bar of the Irish parliament and laugh at the compliance of the majority of Irish sheep staying in their pens whilst the so-called opposition join them in government to create a one party totalitarian entity. They have no qualms about treating the Irish people like dogs in Britain of the 1960s when they were banned from applying for jobs, accommodation and frequenting public houses along with ‘blacks’, although in Ireland today, dogs and ‘blacks’ are allowed to move freely around the country and cause mayhem and destruction in their wake.

That is not a reference to peaceful dogs as they don’t tend to bother anyone and are quite useless when it comes to arson and smashing up businesses. Since Irish lives clearly don’t matter, I would hope that there will soon be a Dogs Lives Matter movement, or better still, a Black Dogs Lives Matter movement to cover the only important bases. (Apologies to all white dogs… Due to racism concerns your lives don’t matter either, especially if you’re an Irish white dog. And you won’t be allowed into the pubs either.)

But that’s not good enough for the mongrels of the unelected Irish tyranny currently abusing power. It is now being abused further with more Draconian lockdown measures, unless that involves a BLM ‘legitimate peaceful protest’, which I’ve yet to witness due to the level of violence and wanton vandalism, many times involving flaming buildings and associated smoke blurring my vision, but not seemingly doing the same to mainstream media whores who still claim that these are peaceful and essential protests to assert the rights of the poor put upon African immigrants living it up in Ireland today on benefits paid for by extremely generous indigenous Irish people.

I guess ‘reparations’ for historical slavery take many forms.

Of course, these poor unfortunate ancestors of slavery need to be looked after these days because it seems that they are incapable of looking after themselves but somehow managed to find their way to the most western point of Europe to start a new life at the expense of the Irish taxpayer. You’d think they’d be a little more grateful, but I digress…

The fact is that this current cabal of Irish ‘pollute’icians are the cancerous growth eating away at Irish society and freedom one cell at a time for creatures of palpable evil who will turn on them too when they’ve completed their dirty deeds on their behalf.

We can at least take some comfort in that.