By Helena Handbasket – September 29th 2020

Just when you thought the lies couldn’t get any more blatant, the Irish government has announced that ‘rolling lockdowns’ are set to be the norm for at least the next 9 months. My prediction is that 9 months to these liars is a euphemism for ‘forever’ and that this will not stop.

The lunacy fed to the public is that ‘cases’ are again ‘rising’ to a dangerous level and the savage virus is spreading exponentially across the country due to the number of fake tests being carried out; allegedly.

I doubt they’re even doing the number of tests they claim, and as we already know, these numbers are hugely inflated and admitted to being inflated, at a ratio of at least 10:1 with assumed cases made up due to some form of highly intimate contact from 2 meters away with a mask on, and yet the same con continues. Numbers are hyped in the media as the number of cases are passed off as highly infectious sick people of all ages across the demographic spectrum.

The facts are that hospital admissions, whilst the government will claim they are rising, are simply rising, if at all, due to a backlog of procedures caused by the government’s covidiocy policies, now being carried out. Hospital admissions for alleged Covid-19 admissions are flat at best or more likely, non-existent with alleged deaths from Covid-19 following a similar trend. It’s hard to fake death, but never rule anything out with this bunch of corrupt and morally bankrupt crooks masquerading as an elected democratic government.

Dr Ronan Glynn, the husband of RTE news presenter, liar Carla O’Brien stated:-

“Some 70 cases in Cork were linked to pubs and restaurants in recent weeks, while in ­Galway a significant cluster was associated with younger people. Among the 26 deaths this month there were four among people aged under 54 and another four in people aged 55-64. Some 20 had underlying medical conditions.”

‘Some’ is not a mathematical term I’m familiar with. Perhaps Glynn and his cronies could explain their methods of accuracy being used here as it seems they are unclear about exactly how many people have been allegedly ‘infected’ by this highly intelligent virus. We can also see above that again, ‘some’ 20 had underlying conditions, so it’s pretty safe to assume, judging by the record of lies from government sources for the past 7 months, that these people died of those underlying conditions. He goes on to state:-

“He instanced one case where a person, through a long chain of knock-on transmissions, including a delay in getting tested and contacts not self-isolating, went on to infect 56 other people.”

Where is the evidence for this alleged super spreader? There is none. It is simply fear-mongering propaganda to keep the public enthralled by the expertise of a bunch of clowns who would have a hard job getting a job in an amateur circus.

He follows that lunacy up with:-

“There is also a worrying trend where young people who test positive are reluctant to name close contacts which is misguided because there is no blame or stigma involved…”

 There may be no blame or stigma involved so don’t worry, snitch on your friends and have them locked up for their own safety for nothing more likely than they may have contracted a sneeze or two, or indeed, nothing at all but they’ll be held under house arrest until their masters in government decide to release them.

The propaganda fear factory continues:-

“Elsewhere, healthcare worker Jerick Martin has told of his nightmare experience (perhaps this was all just a bad dream?) of contracting Covid-19 and his struggle back to health.

“I was a fit and healthy man in my thirties, working and enjoying my life,” he said.

“Within five days of experiencing my first symptoms of Covid-19 I was admitted to hospital, where I spent 68 days in intensive care, most of that time on a ventilator, in an induced coma.”

“This disease does not care that you are young, fit and healthy… Anyone can catch it, and anyone can become very sick,” he warned.”

It’s highly unlikely that a fit and healthy man in his thirties would suffer any sever symptoms from a virus no more deadly than the common flu or that anyone would survive for 68 days on a ventilator, which is an end of life treatment inducing coma to kill you off painlessly, but we’re expected to believe this nonsense is the norm. The vast majority of people put on ventilators die. That is a fact.

Yet another headline in the same newspaper rag states that testing sewage could be an early warning of a Covid-19 ‘surge’, and yet, this didn’t seem to be the case when remnants of the ‘virus’ were found in Spanish wastewater in March 2019. Where was the surge? Where were the overwhelmed hospitals? Where were the ‘cases’? Where were the deaths?


But of course, we have ‘fact checkers’ to keep us right, but even here the lies are blatant as USA Today’s ‘fact checkers’ state that the info above came from a website in the UK called Truth Theory, despite the fact that it was clearly reported by Reuters.

Covid-19 was also allegedly found in Brazil in November 2019, and just as with Spain, there was nothing to see.

The politicians are clearly co-ordinating, collaborating and steering the narrative with the collusion of the mainstream media to suit the agenda of their masters in the World Economic Forum amongst others.

They are traitorous liars dressed up in expensive taxpayer funded suits with the full machinery of mass media spouting their constant stream of contradictory lies and propaganda to instil fear and a sense of nothing returning to any form of what used to be called ‘normality’.

Instead, the Irish people are now becoming conditioned to accept ‘abnormality’ as the only course of action open to their masters; locking up healthy people in their homes, denying them access to everyday goods and services, destroying their businesses and jobs and their very means of existence down to who they can even meet up with and talk to in their own homes.

Nuremburg was supposed to end this sort of creeping tyranny. The excuse of, “I was only doing my job.” was deemed to be no excuse for committing atrocities, however minor.

The Nuremburg Code still applies today and needs to be resurrected and brought to bear on these treasonous criminals in public office and so-called experts in the medical and media sphere before those atrocities cease to be just minor.