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On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, President Donald Trump faces off with former Vice president Joe Biden in their first presidential debate.

The debate starts at 9pm ET and will be moderated by Fox News’ NeverTrumper, Chris Wallace.” The debate is slated to take 90 minutes, although the Biden campaign is reportedly asking for two breaks during that 90 minutes, and according to reports, the Trump campaign has denied that request in negotiations.

The Trump campaign has requested that those participating in the debate allow a third party to inspect each candidates ears for electronic devices or transmitters.

The Trump campaign released a hard-hitting campaign ad on Tuesday ahead of the debate, titled “Joe Biden’s Plan: Surrender.”

The Biden campaign on the other hand is planning a  six-city train tour of places where Trump prevailed in 2016, calling it the “Build Back Better Train Tour.”

As part of the debate coverage, one liberal outlet, MSNBC has decided that it would be a good idea (snark) to have failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton join their pre-debate coverage.

2020, the year that just keeps on giving…………

The format for Tuesday’s debate will be six 15-minute segments: The Trump and Biden Records, The Supreme Court, Covid-19, The Economy, Race and Violence in our Cities, The Integrity of the Election

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(Different names (redacted) and addresses on the outer and inner envelopes)


As Democrats have been pushing for a massive “mail in” voting process rather than in-person voting, we see the beginning of the chaos a mass mail in vote can cause, by looking at the chaos it is already causing.

Case in point, New York:

New York City voters who planned to vote by mail in November’s election are worried their votes will be invalid after residents in two boroughs have complained that their absentee ballots are mismarked.

Brooklyn voters have received ballots bearing someone else’s name and address on the accompanying return envelope, while residents of both Brooklyn and Queens received ballots incorrectly marked as military ballots, according to local reports.

“There’s just mass confusion about these ballots and what people are supposed to do with them,” City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told the New York Post in reference to the military ballots.

Other issues described by those affected by these issues, explain other problems with the ballots they have received in the mail.

Writer for NY Mag and The Cut, Rebecca Traister, explained on Twitter some of what they were reporting at The Gothamist, including ballots with the wrong names and/or addresses, mislabeled ballots, and a number of other issues that would void their vote should they use those ballots already mailed to them.

We got our ballots today–great. Then I opened them. In the one addressed to me: a ballot & envelope bearing the name of another woman in another neighborhood. In the envelope addressed to my husband: a ballot and envelope bearing MY name & address.

Read about the variety of issues already being seen with mail-in ballots as reported over at The Gothamist.

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This is an open thread and we do hope ANP readers will join each other this evening to watch the debate together and to discuss and break down the entire debate in real-time.