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Watching the mainstream trying to understand the Irish Right is like watching a communist trying to understand why capitalism hasn’t collapsed yet. While they proclaim expertise in the area, in reality their ideology prevents them from understanding anything of substance, leaving their views stunted and their utterances empty and hypocritical.

The recent bout of hit pieces that have appeared, almost out of nowhere on a variety of platforms perfectly demonstrates this phenomena. Unable to comprehend how the cult of diversity could ever drive young men to the Right, these pieces blame the countercultural growth on ‘disinformation’ and supposed criminal elements within the movement.

One cannot blame them for this though. Blinded by their ideology, they find themselves terrified as the great wave of populism swells and swells on the horizon, hurtling at ever greater speed towards the electoral walls of the established state. A phenomena they long thought impossible, a hard right Irish nationalism within the 21st century, has suddenly crystalized in front of them, and they find themselves near powerless to stop it.

Of course, that is not going to stop them from trying. Digital polymath Thomas Sheridan last week predicted that, with the massive growth of Irish populism, the establishment would attempt to derail the movement the same way they did the water charges protest. Like the prophets of old, Sheridan’s prediction actualized less than a week later, with establishment hacks desperately trying to weaponize the state against the new threat.

Perhaps the greatest of these moves against the rising tide of dissent was Conor Gallagher’s ultimately weak hit piece in this morning’s Irish Times. Meant to be a sort of exposé on how the Irish Right are subverting the health crisis for their own gain, the piece devolves into a directionless mess. Clearly blinded by his own biases, Gallagher is unable to focus on the essential elements of the new Right in Ireland, instead bouncing from topic to topic akin to a Twitter thread, giving very little time to each. 

From QAnon to Catholic dogma, Gallagher demonstrates a complete ignorance endemic in the mainstream. Like watching a Bible-bashing creationist trying to explain evolutionary science, Gallagher writes paragraphs and paragraphs while saying next to nothing, relying on historical exposition and ‘expert’ citations to give the illusion of substance. A man who capitalises the ‘C’ in 4chan is not qualified to talk about the new Right in Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter.

The article published by the Irish Times was textbook sensationalism. Complete with a random image of people doing fascist salutes in front of an Irish flag, the piece is all style and no substance. The same goes for a wide variety of other pieces published, seemingly by complete coincidence, on the exact same topic within a 24 hour period from and Irish Examiner

It would be remiss to not mention the utter hypocrisy of the mainstream in its accusations against the right. As claims of violence and lockdown violations are hurled against this growing movement, these same sycophants lap praise onto Black Lives Matter and other leftist movements, and will often denounce any of those exact same accusations against these movements as mere conspiracy theory.

Being basically illiterate in the language of counter-culture, gombeen publications can do nothing but publish sensationalism in order to curtail the right. Meanwhile, those who have yet to realize that leftists have seized the reigns of social power, such as Ciara Kelly, are dumbfounded when they are cancelled for trying to point out the rise of political violence on the Left. These centrists have ultimately been outmaneuvered by the proponents of social Maoism. It is up to the Right to stop the chaos of the carnal Left.

The centre has failed to hold, anarchy has already been loosed upon the world. The only question is whether the Left, weakened by their continued success, is still strong enough to abort the strange, stirring beast, waiting to be born of a fully fledged populist insurgency. 

the burkean