By Helena Handbasket – September 18th 2020

The traditional Irish pub is more than just a drinking den for the barely ever sober. It is a symbol and location of the birth of culture through music and storytelling, the passing on of knowledge from old to young and the traditional learning ground for future traditional musicians where they learn and practice their craft. Any attempt to curtail such activity under any guise is an attack on that historical cultural learning.

But as if things couldn’t get any worse in the Emerald Isle, the globalist puppets of the Irish government have taken the war directly to the capital announcing further restrictions on bars and restaurants, despite these restrictions not being applied universally across the small island nation.

It’s no coincidence that there is a growing mass protest movement underway in Ireland, primarily based in Dublin, which is rapidly gaining momentum and numbers.

These brutal measures, using fear of a common cold as justification, will further cripple what is already a paralysed industry and surely lead to the decimation of the traditional Irish pub, what’s left of a devastated tourist industry and all ancillary services associated with these.

The crippling of these important sectors will come as a very large nail in a very small coffin, formerly known as the Republic of Ireland.

Why publicans and restaurant owners are not protesting these callous policies of industrial sabotage en masse is bewildering to me. They do not seem to understand that they are in a war of attrition to save their livelihoods, their families and their homes, and yet, they sit idly by and allow tyrants to dictate to them on matters which affect the very existence of their businesses and the ability to house and feed their families into the future.

This is an act of complicit cowardice from an industry which has a powerful lobbying body with direct access to the criminals currently masquerading as the Irish Government. The Licensed Vintners‘ Association and Vintners’ Federation of Ireland have consistently betrayed the humble Irish pub and restaurant owner, seemingly backing the government with calculated and orchestrated whimpers of ‘defiance’ which wouldn’t make the meekest of mice quiver.

They are traitors to their members in much the same way as the Irish government is a traitor to the people it was unelected to serve.

Shame on the government for such callous brutality, but more so, on the Licensed Vintners‘ Association and Vintners’ Federation of Ireland who are complicit with them in destroying Ireland and its culture from within.

The time has come for publicans to disassociate themselves from such clearly collaborative organisations.

They need to stop paying these collaborators and put them out of business.

They are not on the side of publicans and their families. That should be obvious to all by now.

The time has also come to disassociate themselves from a tyrannical government intent on destroying the country, one industry at a time, or indeed collectively, to bring about the total capitulation to a despotic cabal with no interest whatsoever in the Irish people.

Their treason is in plain sight for all to see.

Publicans…. ALL OF YOU…