By Helena Handbasket – September 16th 2020

As Dublin prepares for more mass protests against government tyranny under the guise of a fake pandemic, it comes as no surprise that the city has now been threatened with further restrictions on movement and gatherings.

Tyranny, once unleashed, cannot be curtailed unless the people gather in large numbers and demand, first vocally, and as a last resort violently, to overthrow their tyrants.

We have seen the same actions lauded in the mainstream media in countries supported by the west in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, most recently Belarus, (albeit that this is orchestrated by the west) as courageous and noble acts by brave people to curtail tyranny to overthrow their brutal dictators.

The hypocrisy of that same media should be as clear as crystal to those with the eyes to see through the outrageous lies and propaganda of an establishment media intent on perpetrating terror upon its own nation; deceiving and lying blatantly to prop up the tyrants masquerading as the ruling government of Ireland, an unelected puppet regime bending over, some quite literally, to globalist masters the Irish nation have no interest in serving and the majority of whom know nothing about.

They have knowledge to a limited extent of the European Union which has devastated the country on the back of massive loans which the Irish taxpayer has been put on the hook for. Future generations to come will suffer the consequences of financial ruin for themselves and the country as a result, which is well known by these criminal manipulators. These loans have come with conditions, such as population control through abortion whilst at the same time, and blatantly hypocritically, increasing the population through mass immigration, particularly from regions of the world with no cultural or historical relationship with Ireland, primarily Asia and Africa, and who openly openly used and encouraged to act against and to oppose Irish culture and Irish society to the detriment of the indigenous population.

This is no accident, and these immigrants, combined with EU policies to attack education and other crucial elements of Irish culture including, but not limited to, the arts and religion, will be used to further destroy Ireland from within as the whores of government pander to EU technocratic diktats for as as long as these useful idiot immigrants are of use.

There is no shortage of useful idiots waiting in the wings to be let loose on Irish society. We have seen such useful idiot scum on the streets under the banner of paedophile supporting Antifa in recent weeks. Antifa are clearly fully supportive of the criminal cabal hiding behind the gates of the Dail as they turn up at every anti-government protest to support these criminals of public office. They are simply a terrorist tool of government and as such deserve all retribution should they continue to show up at peaceful, anti-tyranny protests. It’s been good to see that these animals are not having it their own way at all. They are minute in numbers, clearly politically illiterate and are being called out as the perverts they clearly are; at least one attribute they share with their political pimps. People are not so blind that they can’t see these vile excuses for human beings for exactly what they are and thus treat them accordingly.

But of course, none of this ‘new abnormal’ tyranny could ever happen without the full collusion of the Irish mainstream media.

To call them whores is to simply insult whores.

These are parasitical viruses drunk on the level of power they have to create chaos in the nation, knowing full well that every single news hack outlet and person within their disgusting industry will back them, prostituting themselves to the realm of evil for a vastly inflated pay packet or simply so they won’t be exposed as no better than Antifa in terms of their debauchery, albeit, better dressed and better smelling than their low level, useful idiot, paedophile colleagues on the streets.

The gutter rats of Antifa and the gutter press make perfect bedfellows.

There’s only one solution given that Dublin is to become a prison city in the very near future.

Total rebellion.

The tyrannical, globalist, backside licking government of Ireland and all media personnel and medical ‘experts’ who have willingly taken part in this tyranny, through complicit deception of the Irish people, should be dragged from their ivory towers, held in chains for all to see and put on trial for treason, and ultimately when justice is served on these criminals, they should spend the rest of their lives behind bars, without any right to parole, regardless of their age or state of health; or indeed suffer the ultimate penalty.

They have long ago given up any right to expect mercy from a people who have been the victims of tyranny for far too long at the hands of successive regimes, even well before the fake spectre of Covid-19.

Time is short. The political system in Ireland is unfit for purpose and working diligently against the interests of the people of the nation for outside entities which the majority of Irish people have no knowledge of whatsoever. If education of the people to this regard doesn’t work to grow the numbers willing to take to the streets to reassert their liberty, then they will lose all semblance of perceived liberty and they will deserve the consequences of their own inaction.

Nothing short of a genuine people’s rebellion to seize back power over their own lives from globalist tyrants will suffice.