If you continue to believe the lies being fed by most media, liberal political leaders, and by your governments and health ministries, then we are heading for a never-in-history level of grief, loss of freedoms, and tyranny all over the world that you cannot now even imagine.

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In August 14, I wrote a blog titled “The two most dangerous men in the world?” It was inspired by a video by Dave Cullen, the Irish Internet blogger whom I consider to be one of the more well-informed, brilliant, and bluntly honest research analysts on the Wuhan virus crisis. Today, I must present and comment on yet another of his videos, It’s time to wake up, that was published just today. It is a half-hour blockbuster. You absolutely MUST take the time to watch it. 

Cullen astutely takes viewers through a series of charts, text excerpts, and video statements by various notable persons related to the pandemic. In the process, he presents what I consider to be a very solid case for the title of this blog post. My comments won’t do justice to the impact of the video, so please don’t rely on these limited details to understand the full, crucial video presentation.

Folks, if you continue to believe the lies that you are being fed by most of the media, liberal political leaders, and by your governments and health ministries, then we are heading for a never-in-history level of grief, loss of freedoms and tyranny all over the world that you cannot now even imagine.

Yes, it is that serious. And I say that not because of Dave Cullen’s video. I say it because I recognize from my own intensive research every day for the past several months that everything he presents in the video is likely right on the mark. And I also say it not to frighten you, but to warn you that it is indeed time to wake up and, by together taking strong actions, we can stop these murderous megalomaniac elites from successfully implementing their evil plans. 

There has been a constant flood of new information in recent weeks about what is REALLY going on related to the virus and what the REAL agenda is of all those who are extending and adding to the mandates and restrictions on the public to prevent a supposed second wave of virus deaths. In the process, they are deliberately raising the fear level of the populations of various nations, cities, and U.S. states. The result is that they are successfully conning citizens to believe the tyrannical, very destructive lockdowns and other measures are necessary – when in fact hardly any of it is necessary and the threat of the virus has almost disappeared. 

What has been especially causing large numbers of deaths are the restrictions and lockdowns themselves – more deaths than from the virus that we now know could be easily prevented if there were not such cruel restrictions on the use of very inexpensive, totally safe meds. The evidence is now overwhelming that Hydroxychloroquine, which is safer than Aspirin and Tylenol, could have prevented almost all the virus-related deaths that have occurred so far.

There is also evidence that the death rate from the virus itself is far, far below what we have all been led to believe and which most of the public sadly still believes. Polls have indicated that a majority believe that they will die if they become infected with the Wuhan virus and their estimation of the actual number of deaths from the virus is from 30 to 50 times greater than the true number. There is a type of mass, suicidal hysteria going on related to the virus.

Cullen says we are now in a “Casedemic.” Haven’t you noticed that all the news now is about the rise in “cases” in the states, provinces, countries, cities, schools, factories, and so on? Few bother to ask why we are being pummeled with constant stats about this term that we have never used before to such a public extent. What are “cases”? Why are they using that now instead of hospitalizations and deaths?

It’s quite simple. Hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted. They have lost their fear factor. Something else was needed to keep the fear going so that the public could be convinced to accept increased limits on their freedoms as we have been seeing in Victoria, Australia, in California, in England, and elsewhere. And we need to be kept fearful so we will accept and even welcome the vaccine.

A “case” is just someone who has tested positive for the virus, has symptoms that seem to indicate infection, or were found to have been exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus. But now we know that this does not mean much, if anything at all. These tests are notoriously unreliable. The vast majority who test positive for the Wuhan virus experience either no or slight symptoms. In other words, it is all to keep the fear going. 

Most of the public has been falling for this con. More people are wearing masks than ever before. ALL the medical evidence of studies on the effectiveness of the type of masks the public is wearing reveals they are generally useless for preventing virus transmission and infection. And wearing masks for a long period of time every day can make you sick – even dangerously sick in some cases. They can even increase the possibility of viral infection. Only people who are sick with a communicable disease should be wearing masks. 

Thousands upon thousands are still unnecessarily isolating themselves and afraid to go shopping, travel on transit, enter an elevator, go for a walk in the park, enjoy healthy exposure to fresh air and the sun, go to a movie or restaurant or, worst of all, afraid to go to a hospital or their doctor when they are sick. They are not being told by anyone how to strengthen their immune system with exercise, healthy diet, fresh air, exposure to the sun, and regular consumption of Vitamins C and D and zinc.

Many thousands have tragically died alone, with all not sick family, even spouses, cruelly and unnecessarily being prohibited from visiting them. Parents and grandparents are not being visited by their children and grandchildren, who are not sick, for months on end with the children and grandchildren thinking the isolation is protecting them from dying from the virus.

They have been told that they could somehow kill mom and dad or their grandparents if they visit them. They have been warned, even though they have no symptoms at all, that they might be asymptomatically infected with the Wuhan virus and could unknowingly infect their vulnerable loved ones. Now we know that has not been correct

All of a sudden studies are revealing that asymptomatic persons have such a low viral load that it is very unlikely they could infect others. And they don’t need to wear a mask unless they are sick. They have got to stop torturing and even killing their loved ones with isolation, constant fear, depression, loss of necessary close human contact. Sure, wash your hands, make sure you are not sick when you visit them, use common sense.

All of this is causing serious emotional distress, mental and other health issues, unbearable loneliness, general social disintegration, and death from lack of normal medical care, a major decline in quality of life, poor diet, no exercise, no exposure to the sun, loss of a sense of purpose, a huge increase in suicides.

It would also be incredibly simple to give the vulnerable a cheap, totally safe, low prophylactic dose of hydroxychloroquine and from then on people can be especially assured that they can visit them. The normally vulnerable can then also feel completely safe to go out to stores and onto transit, visit friends and family and so on. Instead, the very best and safest medicine in the world for COVID is banned from being used in almost all the developed western nations while it is freely available, in most cases over the counter, in all of Africa, in most of South America, and in many other nations.

In all those nations, the death rate from the Wuhan virus is far lower than that of nations where HCQ is prohibited or strictly limited.

Cullen states there is serious talk of another lockdown in Ireland just because of increased “cases” and yet what is going on health-wise is nothing out of the ordinary from previous years. 

He and Wuhan virus commenter Jerry Day emphasize, as many others are now concluding, that there are in fact no reliable tests for coronavirus. But to fuel the pandemic narrative, the same scam is being engaged in other countries. “They start testing well people who are likely to have shreds of past coronavirus indicators and declare them a new case of the supposed pandemic,” Cullen states.

Most past colds are coronaviruses and people have residues of them in their system that come up as a supposed Wuhan virus-positive. Millions who were infected by Cov Sars 1 in 2005 have been found to be immune to Cov Sars 2 or, as it is currently called, COVID-19.

There is a video clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci strongly emphasizing that “there is no reason for people to be walking around with a mask.” Now he is advocating the exact opposite. “It appears that government health experts are getting their directions from the World Health Organization,” Cullen warns. And there has definitely been growing evidence of this. The WHO, itself a UN entity, is a very corrupt organization with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, the IMF, and other untrustworthy groups.

Cullen reveals that financially collapsing airlines are being kept afloat by international financial bodies with grants and loans that have heavy strings attached. That explains why the airlines are putting severe demands on airports and passengers as we have been seeing in recent days where even families with one, two- and three-year-old children are being booted off flights for not having these young children wear masks. Air travel has become an oppressive, frightening experience.

One has to seriously question whether most of these rules and billions spent on new mitigation equipment are really necessary. Cullen explains the real purpose of these oppressive measures – population control and reducing man-made climate change. They have no intention of ever allowing carbon dioxide-producing air travel to return to previous levels. 

That brings us to the shocking climate change connection to the Wuhan virus mitigation policies and that it is really about implementing the Paris climate change accord, the “Global Reset,” and world depopulation goals. Lockdowns have led to massive pollution drops. They are letting people see what the world would look like if there were fewer people in the world. It is downright evil. 

“We are experiencing a global coup” with the coronavirus, Cullen says. It is being used to change the entire world – permanently, to the “new norm” of a world controlled by totalitarian global elites. 

Cullen makes a strong case that our politicians are puppets for the IMF, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and the UN. Crashing economies is deliberately ongoing to make it easier to control people. 

Country after country is seeing high cases and low mortality. Useless testing has to be stopped. It is only facilitating the globalists’ agenda. And the direction they are taking us seems to be toward a borderless, cashless society, mandatory vaccine and “vaccine passports” without which we will be prohibited from buying, selling, getting healthcare, traveling, and pretty well everything else – just as Communist China is now doing – greatly helped by Silicon Valley inventiveness.

Cullen proclaims, with good reason, “You were deceived. You are being played. You have a right to be angry. The people behind the climate change agenda who are accelerating their plans with the COVID scam are deeply cruel, evil, and psychotic people. They are obsessed with conversations like population control in every sense of that term. It makes one wonder what is in the vaccine. The fight against this scam is a fight for the freedom of humanity.” 

We all have to wake up and fight back. It is not an option. Sorry. Either comply and forever lose most of your freedoms, including the freedom to openly worship God, or prepare yourself to do things that you would never have done in the past.

Forget comfort, security, and the daily normal that you have always enjoyed. Everything is at stake. We are already in a war to destroy and replace what is left of Christian civilization, but most of the good have been missing in action. Stop watching and reading all the mainstream media that is paralyzing you with lies and fear. Find and stick to alternative sources only for your information. 

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