By Helena Handbasket – September 13th 2020

The hypocrisy endemic in Irish political life is astounding, regardless of its repeated disrespect for Irish society as a whole.

The latest stab in the back in this culture of establishment superiority complex on steroids, the Dáil private bar is open to TDs (Totalitarian Drunks) whilst the rest of the country’s 3,500 bars remain closed, unless they can provide a ‘substantial cooked meal’. This assumes that the common cold or given its new normal name, coronavirus, knows you’re eating and therefore cannot possibly infect you.

It seems that the Irish establishment has given up all pretence of respect for the majority of the Irish people as it laughs in their faces as they clearly make up rules and regulations to benefit themselves, whilst on the other hand making up rules and regulations to further exacerbate the horror show of the Irish economy and life in general of those who pay their fat cat salaries and subsidise their alcohol fuelled work environment.

What other type of work environment would tolerate staff drinking throughout the day when the decisions they are sworn to make to benefit the Irish people are made by drunken louts, hypocrites and liars?

What other work environment would have its own bar and its own rules to allow such behaviour?

There is no logical reason as to why there is a need for a bar in the Dáil but plenty of very good reasons as to why there should not be one on the premises. If politicians and their backhander buddies can’t do without alcohol during working hours, then there is a hotel bar directly opposite the gates of the building barely 30 seconds walk from the gate where, after work, they could satisfy their obvious need for alcohol, which if consumed during working hours should result in instant dismissal and a loss of their privileged, well paid Dáil seat.

Where are the police, who claim to want an end to drink driving, when these alcohol fuelled criminals are leaving the Dáil to drive home? Perhaps the people of Ireland should take it upon themselves to observe these scum leaving the Dáil in their fancy taxpayer paid for vehicles and immediately report such criminality to the Gardi until they do something about it?