By Helena Handbasket – September 13th 2020

In yet another disgusting display of gutter press, comic book degree scribbles, the Irish Examiner stoops to the level of anti-Semitic style sloganizing stating that at least 3000 ‘coronavirus deniers’ marched through Dublin yesterday afternoon.

In what is commonplace in the world of mainstream media, a so-called ‘journalist’, Áine McMahon of the Irish Times tweeted on behalf of the Irish Examiner in what is clearly collusion between these two mainstream media whore rags. But her gutter press nonsense can’t even stand up to the most basic scrutiny. She first claims that this was an anti-facemask demonstration” before changing the narrative again:-

“There are at least 3,000 coronavirus deniers marching through Dublin city centre. Slogans range from “take off your mask” and “it is only a common cold” to “wake up people”.”

Yet even in the video she posted, clearly the only thing being called for is ‘freedom’, which of course she enjoys at present, but neglects to mention due to her inability to tell the truth as what seems is her normal practice, both old and new I would suggest.

She then shows a video of a completely different protest outside the Dáil which was not connected in any way to the thousands who marched through the streets of Dublin. Some estimate that a few hundred gathered outside the Dáil but that up to 20,000 walked through Dublin. There were speeches made by a number of groups covering the issues at hand, which again are not mentioned by this presstitute hack.

This was a protest against tyranny, and if this fool doesn’t recognise that, and instead prostitutes herself to evil, then she is part of that tyranny.

Clearly this piece of journalist drivel is agenda driven by her bosses, but she should hang her head in shame at the utter disregard and disrespect she shows for thousands of people who are trying their best to protect their freedom, their families and their way of life, as well as hers and her family. She is simply another example of trash media masquerading as news with no understanding of the dangers inherent in the situation she faces in Ireland today.

If she thinks the mainstream media is safe in a world of tyranny, then she clearly needs to take herself off to a decent library, if she has the ability to read coherently, and study the history of the past century to see that anyone who helps a tyranny form is one of the first casualties of it. This tyranny will be no exception.

They will come for you and your ilk, Áine McMahon, and others like you unless the Irish people can turn this around, in which case, they’ll come for you and your ilk and you’ll spend many years behind bars for treason.

The choice is yours.

Stand for truth and freedom or sell your soul to the devil of deceit and slavery.