The main threat of the LGBT revolution is unending conflict, an endless ideological war and anarchy in social life, warns television talk show host and composer Jan Pospieszalski


Pospieszalski emphasized in an interview for Do Rzeczy that Poland’s Right should “absolutely not” lessen its anti-LGBT rhetoric. He stressed that conservative groups did so in the West, and that led to the LGBT’s victory.

He added that Poland is still a culturally conservative and Catholic country, and the government along with Andrzej Duda should stand on the side of Polish families, traditions and normal society.

“This revolution is a serious threat because it carries permanent conflict with it — an endless ideological war and, therefore, social anarchy. Neo-Marxists want to conduct a revolution completely opposed to nature,” the expert said.

Pospieszalski explained that the results of the revolution can be seen in the West, where censorship is being introduced in media and universities, children are being forced into sexual education lessons and there are attempts to change the teachings of the Church.

Neo-Marxists want to conduct a revolution completely opposed to nature”.

He pointed out that there is also an ongoing war between feminists and trans activists, which means that the LGBT revolution is a war against everyone and between anyone.

The publicist declared that no compromise can be reached with LGBT revolutionaries, even by accepting some of their postulates.

He gave the example of J.K. Rowling, an open LGBT supporter and feminist, who gently criticized the trans movement and was brutally attacked by trans activists.

Jan Pospieszalski also encouraged the Polish Right to create a “dam” against the revolutionists. This would entail not only respecting Polish constitutional freedoms but also a push in the cultural sector.

He proposed that the Right should start creating movies and shows exposing pathologies among homosexual couples (for example, domestic violence), as well as create documentaries in which the political terror of political correctness in the West is emphasized.

“The cultural sector is important, as it is the battlefield for future generations,” said Pospieszalski.