By Helena Handbasket – September 4th 2020

When you think the insanity surrounding the Covid scamdemic can’t get any more insane, you can always trust in the Irish government to come up with another idea based on nothing more than the madness which seems endemic to Irish politicians; totally corrupt politicians mind you, and certainly never to be trusted on anything other than the guarantee that they’re corrupt.But it seems that the madness never ends with Me Hole Martin and ‘Ben Dover’ Varadkar etc.

The list of intelligent attributes associated with the Covid-19 vanishing virus currently includes, knowing the difference between imperial and metric measurements, what time of day it is across the world’s time zones, (what will it do when the clocks go back?) where it can and where it cannot hang out to infect unsuspecting persons, which premises require masks, which types of businesses it is allowed to live in at any particular time of day, how to give false results in tests, whether you can drink or not, and now finally, what you’ve had for your latest snack, if permitted, in a certain premises with plastic screens, sticky labels on the floor and masked zombies mumbling their way through a menu.

Yes folks, it now seems that Covid-19 wants to know what you’ve eaten to determine whether or not it wishes to infect you. Perhaps garlic will keep it at bay or even a nice thick slice of bacon and black pudding; time will tell.

But joking aside, this is apparently being done to assist with contract tracing. Perhaps they wish to round up meat eaters or people who just eat junk food and then fine them later for not conforming to veganism or the consumption of locusts on a stick.

But the only way this can possibly be implemented is with the complicity of restaurant and bar owners actually doing as they’re told and infringing even more so on the rights of their customers to eat and drink in their establishment free of any interference in what is supposed to be a leisure activity and which keeps the owners and employees in business and paid work. Not to mention that Ireland is supposed to be a free country prison camp.

The only solution to this and all other criminal government mandates surrounding the Covid-19 scamdemic is for all parties involved, restauranteurs, publicans, non-corporate shopkeepers and other private businesses to completely ignore, across the board, every single law put in place to diminish the rights and freedoms of the Irish people, under the guise of stopping the spread of a common cold, and to get back to the normal they want rather than the Draconian authoritarian future being imposed upon them by their criminal and evil government.

Nothing short of a full rebellion against this nonsense will suffice. If the above mentioned businesses continue to comply with such idiocy and the organised industrial sabotage being perpetrated upon them by their treasonous politicians, then unfortunately, they will go out of business forever, and again unfortunately, they will have brought it upon themselves for cowering down to corruption and nefarious acts by those in power who care nothing for their health or future.

Any government that would impose such restrictions is a government, not in control of a mythical pandemic, but totally out of control and intent on removing as many rights and freedoms from the Irish people as it can get away with; but it can only get away with it if people allow it to happen.

Ireland has to keep fighting back against such tyranny to show the rest of the world, which is cowering in fear of their politicians, that it can be done, that enough is enough and you will not put up with the jackboot on your neck any longer.

Perhaps the time has come to purchase some thick lengths of rope, find some conveniently located street lights and do the patriotic thing to rid the country of tyrants.