By Helena Handbasket – September 4th 2020

Maybe the intelligence of Covid-19 has taken a turn towards being a bit austere these days and can’t survive on the best silver tableware or Eamon Ryan has just shown another degree of pure fantasy fiction idiocy, and not for the first time. He wants to ban plastic cutlery by 2021 and also wants a ban on plastic containers and other such packaging.

And yet, back in 2002 when he was a Green Party TD in bed with Fianna Fáil, he did nothing to stop the closure of the Irish Glass bottling plant in Ringsend, something which nobody in the general population wanted, with the loss of 375 jobs and something which would negate many of the concerns surrounding the use of plastic within the food industry.,the%20publicly%2Dquoted%20Ardagh%20group.

Glass is recyclable over and over again and healthier for general use than any plastic container. If ever there was an opportunity to clean up the environment, this was at least a start. Plastic drinks bottles and food containers could have been banned years ago using glass as was always used in the past.

After the farce of the last election in Ireland, a government was served up to the Irish people a few months ago in a mockery carve up of democracy. Eamon Ryan was given the job of saving the Irish people from a bit of warm weather now and again, something conspicuously absent from Ireland for many a year.

To do this, in his wisdom, he has decided that Ireland should be plastic cutlery free as he thinks this is essential to the survival of the nation currently living under the most tyrannical government since British troops scoured the countryside slaughtering anyone who inadvertently uttered a few words of Gaelic.

Perhaps ownership of plastic bags and leather shoes will become a hanging offence in a future Ireland where beef, lamb and the humble chicken will be a luxurious thing only the political elite can dream of consume at some social event, such as a golf outing where limitations on groups size and space between attendees is irrelevant. The best silverware will be on show, as well as the most expensive food and wine, served in crystal glasses, which the humble, starving taxpayer will supply them with.

But fear not, there will be no plastic cutlery or packaging allowed anywhere near them, the hotel will be spared the ravages of global warming and the fat cat traitors of Ireland will wantonly gorge themselves on the corpse of the nation they’ve destroyed.

The Green Party is of course the eugenics party and Ryan won’t stop at plastic cutlery. This limp wristed, wannabe tyrant will surely attack the farming industry and seek to destroy the fabric of the nation, its rural lifeblood, using the hot aired excuse of flatulent cattle, primarily, in a country which could easily supply its people with enough fresh meat and healthy produce were it not for the policies of those in power who seek to obliterate Irish farmers and create a new and more severe famine on the people than even the British could have managed under their period of tyranny.

There will be a cull at some point as has already been threatened by junior agriculture ministers. This is not a threat without teeth. These people are fanatical lunatics.

Eamon Ryan and his lunatic fringe, non-elected Green Party eugenicists clearly want the Irish people grovelling in the dirt for rotten potatoes in a repeat of history unimaginable to the average Irish person, but be in no doubt that these degenerate lunatic asylum candidates are deadly serious in their intentions. Culling cattle is only the start.

The cull of the human herd is the endgame.