By Helena Handbasket – Augsut 25th 2020

On May 11th 2017, to members of Dáil Éireann, Ireland’s parliament and seat of political power, Micheál Martin, the then opposition leader of Fianna Fáil, and now Taoiseach, said,

“Let there be no doubt about where Ireland stands. We want nothing to do with a backward looking idea of sovereignty. We remain absolutely committed to the ideals of the European Union.”

Regardless of his position then, he is now the political leader of Ireland, and as such, should be immediately arrested for treason by his own admission. He has pinned his blue starred flag firmly to the mast of an EU power grab which has already destroyed every country it has bribed into its clutches.

The EUSSR, as I like to call it, has changed the face of Europe into a cesspit of ‘diversity’ and pushed sexual immorality through the paedophilic grooming of schoolchildren from a very young age. It has destroyed culture to a point if even nations could start today would take decades to put right, if that was even possible.

This speaks volumes about the character and morals of someone who openly pledges allegiance to such an organisation regardless of the wishes of the Irish people as he wages a war against the Irish people and nation.

In a recent interview he said the following.

“People are allowed to protest in Ireland. We are a democracy, but there’s aspects of it that concern me. And why is the Tricolour in all of these protests? I mean, that kind of thing and some of the language is away out there. This idea that this whole thing is a conspiracy by the state to suppress people, it’s just inexplicable nonsense, but dangerous nonsense.

You know, masks have come in because of public health advice; people are complying with that. I mean, I can recall, in terms of public transport, people said, “Will they wear masks or not and who’ll implement it and enforce it?” And we had the same stuff about confusion and people alleging confusion, mixed messages. I just said to the officials, “Sign those regs, get them I, then the people will comply.”

Firstly, these are not the words you would expect from a supposedly nationalist party, neither in 2017 or today. Secondly, these are not the words you would expect from a supposed democratic political leader. Thirdly, the comments around masks are diktats, not public health messages. And finally, he clearly re-emphasises his traitorous mantra when he insults the Irish people by questioning what a flag has to do with their protests when he knows full well that they are protesting at the authoritarian and undemocratic policies he and his cronies are implementing against the wishes of the electorate, who had no say in his appointment in the first place. That is not a democracy, however imperfect democracy may be.

He shows the same disgust for the country of his birth as does the tyrant leader of Germany, Angela Merkel who has clearly shown her disgust of any sign of German sovereignty in light of her EUSSR fanaticism and adoration. Her actions and expression say it all as she takes a German flag from one of her colleagues she shares a platform with. Perhaps this was orchestrated to rile the German people in much the same way as Martin’s comments and enraged many in Ireland.

Merkel shows disgust for the German flag

They are enraged by the clear indication that Martin and his ilk care nothing for the nation and have in fact sold it out to the European Union Soviet Socialist Republic who hate any idea of national sovereignty within their cabal.

The Irish people are well within their rights to protest it seems, but only on his terms. I doubt he’d protest much if they’d been waving the yellow starred blue flag of his real masters.

He is nothing less than a traitor and should be treated as such in the harshest terms.

There is a precedent here which all people of Europe should perhaps look to. Unfortunately it will require a force of will and physical force against all odds.

But the Romanian people showed the way in 1989 when their military arrested their brutal dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, the Deputy Prime Minister, both hard line communists who had committed genocide during their rule, and after a very brief trial, executed them by firing squad.

Treason is treason. The circumstances may be slightly different in that we haven’t seen genocide practiced by Martin and Merkel, yet. But the signs are there for all to see as historical precedent becomes more noticeable to those of older generations, along with the horrific consequences of allowing such history to repeat itself.

Protests are protests and can only really show signs of discontent. As good as this is, it’s clearly not going to be enough moving forward taking into account the rapid acceleration of tyranny being witnessed across the globe in many jurisdictions. If this tyranny is allowed to take a firm grip on societies to the level of the Ceaușescu regime, amongst others of similar brutality, then a moment in history which will forever be the last hope for future generations, will be lost.

The time for talk and vocal protests is long past. It’s time to take action if our police and military will not.

If it needs to be firing squads at dawn… So be it.