By Helena Handbasket, August 23rd 2020

When it comes to mental health these days there are many reasons to cause a variety of mental illnesses; depression at what is happening in our world today being, I would suggest, the primary factor leading to other illnesses.

Recently, The Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Essex, England listed on a poster on the premises under Mental Health Disorders, ‘LGBTQ’.

Now, I’m not entirely sure about the language used, as to the use of the word ‘experiencing’ but as you can see below, it clearly states that LGBTQ is a mental health disorder.

I would suggest that ‘Abuse’ is not a mental health issue but rather a crime with a person being a victim of abuse, either physical or psychological which could lead to a mental health issue.

Also the use of ‘Addiction’ and ‘Drugs’ makes no sense. The drug is the cause of the addiction. Addition is the mental health disorder, not the drugs themselves.

Loneliness makes an appearance at the bottom of the list, but again, is this really a mental health issue? I doubt it.

As to the crux of the matter, LGBTQ (I+,P) and whatever alphabetti spaghetti acronym is later added, I agree wholeheartedly, that these people do have a serious mental illness. I can’t help thinking that society has been fed a lie through the media for many decades that gays and lesbians have always existed throughout history. There is no evidence other than what we’re fed through TV and literature, but perhaps I’m wrong and a quirk of nature, a genetic anomaly perhaps, has produced men and women who are unnaturally attracted to the same sex, or both.

Whatever the politically correct lunatic leftie cretins will have you believe, this is not normal, new or otherwise.

I am not homophobic by any means. Live and let live. However, what I am utterly intolerant of is being coerced into accepting the unacceptable behaviour of those within society who wish to flaunt sexuality in public places in front of innocent children and disguise this as a ‘festival’ and something to be ‘proud’ of as well as the constant bombardment of such filth on TV screens, movies, books etc., and of course pushed by the whores of mainstream media and so-called ‘experts’.

That is mental illness.

Leaving the LGB part out of the equation, the rest are sick in mind and body; Trans, Queer, Intersex, + (whatever that means) and of course the perverse Pedosexual tab confirming that these people are actively involved in sexual interaction with children and are ‘proud ‘ to admit it.

All of the above are mental illnesses.

Until brain transplants become commonplace, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon, anyone who believes they’ve been born in the wrong body or other such nonsense is clearly unstable at best and a complete lunatic in general terms. You are born as a male or female, there are no inbetweens. Your brain likewise is male or female and your mental function operates in those genders, i.e. Male = Hunter/gatherer – Female = Homemaker.

That is not a mysogynistic attitude, it is reality. It is the way of the world, both in the human world and, in the main, prevalent throughout the animal kingdom, lions being a notable exception. But until LGBTQI+Pedos start to roam the Serengeti sinking their teeth into hapless gazelles, I doubt they’d have much of an argument against what constitutes the traditional family unit.

Anyone who thinks that it’s acceptable to brag about having sex with children is in any society clearly a criminal and a psychopath. There is no doubt that such people are sick in the head, and in my opinion, should be wiped from the face of the Earth. Castration is too good for them, but it would be a start.

Others in this anagrammatical hodgepodge who claim they have to change sex or identify as another are clearly not living in the real world with properly functioning mental faculties.

Many having gone down this self-butchery road have regretted it and committed suicide as a result. Again, one mental illness leads to another due to the false diagnosis of a physical solution and treatment of such being encouraged, as opposed to diagnosing the real issue, clear mental incapacity to make judgements based on logic and common sense.

But likewise, those so-called ‘doctors’ who encourage such self-mutilation are themselves mentally ill and should never be allowed anywhere near mental health patients, or any patient, to practice their brutal, surgical barbarity on hapless victims who clearly need psychological treatment.

The article above states that those in the LGBTQI+P ‘community’ are offended. Well so what? Let’s offend those queers and paedophiles as much as they offend us when they march through town and city streets exposing themselves to adults and children alike.

And let’s be honest, any parent who takes their child to a paedophile ‘pride’ march should also be classed as mentally ill and perhaps be arrested for child abuse. Any teacher who teaches the WHO’s sex education program should likewise be arrested for the sexual grooming of children. These teachers are clearly also mentally ill, perverted individuals promoting a collective and depraved agenda.

There’s nothing at all to be proud of when it comes to sexuality. It is not an achievement. It is a simple state of being human. Heterosexuality is NORMAL. By definition, anything outside NORMAL is ABNORMAL.

LGBTQI+P are all ABNORMAL sexual identities. Any mythical gender identity outside male and female is ABNORMAL.

Anyone who wishes to identify as ABNORMAL is welcome to do so but don’t be surprised when people act NORMALLY and shun you or disagree with your own deluded perception of yourself.

You are clearly ABNORMAL and clearly mentally ill. We don’t need posters to point that out either.