By Helena Handbasket, August 21st 2020

It has always been seen as the most heinous crime that any citizen or government can do to its own people and still is rightly punished with the ultimate sentence for such a crime against the nation.

That penalty is EXECUTION.

It must be clear to anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear that we live in a time of traitors. They come in many guises:-

Politicians at every level.

Police and military chiefs.

Doctors and other medical ‘experts’.

The whores of the mainstream media.

The legal establishment.

Private, globalist individuals such as Bill Gates etc… who betray the world with their actions.

And every other person or organisation involved in the betrayal of mankind through lies and deception.

These people deserve the ultimate sanction and it is up to the people of the world to take action to ensure that sanction is delivered mercilessly to genuinely save the world from maniacs who want nothing less than total global control over every single aspect of human life; whatever level of human life they deem allowed to live to serve their needs.

If you are happy to go along with such brutal tyranny, then so be it. You will get what you deserve. Unfortunately you also place a death sentence over your own innocent children whose future will be short and brutal. Shame on you!

If you are happy to sit on the fence and do nothing, likewise, you will suffer the same fate as will your innocent children. Shame on you!

If you are prepared to take action, and at least try to take such action through reliance on the legal system you live in, good luck. That system is only as good as the people who serve in it, both administratively and legally. If they are as corrupt as they’ve always been then you will probably never succeed, although I’m sure there are still people in the legal profession who believe in the law and may endeavour to carry it out to the letter. They should be encouraged to do so but they are bound to be few in number and unlikely to succeed either. But at least you are trying and should be recognised and encouraged in that regard.

However, and unfortunately ultimately, the law may have to be taken into the hands of the people, regardless of police, military or other enforcement entities. The time is long over where talking and debate will solve the issues of the day.

The system in all countries, and I suspect without exception, is corrupt from top to bottom and the time has come for those institutions which control our very existence to be torn down by whatever means necessary.

Of course, there has to be something in place to maintain some form of organisation within any country but this should not be a problem for people with any level of reasonable intelligence to manage. The facilities, infrastructure and finances are already in place. It is the people involved who are the problem and it is those people who need to be arrested and tried in a court of law, if possible. And that should be a possibility if the people can enforce arrests for treason upon these traitors within our societies.

Therein lies the problem.

The establishment will always protect the establishment.

If the police, the military or other enforcement entities will not do their jobs, namely arrest those who have and are engaged in acts of treason they are undoubtedly guilty of, then the people must act on their own to make such arrests, regardless of the potential personal danger and sacrifice involved should the police etc. decide to turn on the people.

Those who turn on their own people will obviously also be deemed traitors and should therefore suffer the same fate.


The time has come for people to decide what the future holds. They have been lied to and deceived for centuries, more so in modern times, to the point where it is now obvious that those in power are contemptuous of us and our wish to live in a free world.

The choice is easy.

Do you want to live in a free world or die in a dystopian nightmare society where every morsel of food you eat could be your last, where your children are preyed upon by sick paedophiles in the corridors of power, where psychopaths decide whether you get to live or die, whether you get to work or not, whether you get anything at all to make life worth living in a world where the only right you have is to die without complaint?

The time is here and now to take these parasites from their ivory towers and serve justice upon them in whatever form is deemed suitable as long as it ends in the ultimate sanction for treason.