The new government are already under immense pressure from social media users over their lack of foresight and inability to deliver any sort of concise and meaningful message.

Micheal Martin, the newly appointed Taoiseach, has been in the bullseye for the criticism with social media users citing that he is literally “making it up as he goes along” and the Fianna Fail leader “hasn’t got a clue”.

At one point during the questions and answers it appeared as thought Micheal Martin was once again a teacher giving out to a schoolboy.

Social media users have been claiming that the entire press conference was an absolute shambles and that Martin, the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly and Dr Ronan Glynn were all horrendous at delivering the message and answering questions.

The Taoiseach announced numerous new heavy restrictions across the country, in particular the elderly are being told to use their own judgement in relation to what they can and can’t do.

8Martin said: This is not just about the appalling behaviour we saw in one Dublin bar at the weekend. The evidence is that a large number of people are acting as though the virus is no threat to them, or that it’s OK to take a few more risks”:

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