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Public health experts have privately warned the Government that a return to a full national lockdown may be necessary if the number of Covid-19 infections continues to rise.

However, senior Government figures are understood to be reluctant to consider the idea of another full lockdown.

Senior sources told The Irish Times that the possibility of another full lockdown came up during informal discussions in the last few days.

Government figures cited social and economic reasons as to why another lockdown could not happen.


The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) did not recommend a full lockdown in its advice to Government on Monday.

However, senior sources told The Irish Times that the question of a full lockdown will resurface if the number of new cases continues to increase.

“NPHET are certainly making it clear that if this [the measures announced earlier this week] doesn’t work, it’s back to lockdown,” said a source close to Government.

Two further deaths and 54 additional Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Ireland yesterday.

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